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Inspire me: Jewellery gifts for men

Article date: Tue 27th January 2015 03:32 PM
Inspire me: Jewellery gifts for men

For all manner of occasions and milestones, it's sometimes best to mark them with a little something to remember them all by. Graduations, 18th and 21st birthdays, weddings, new jobs… the list goes on, but getting your male loved one a gift that will last a lifetime can be a great token of your affection.

Jewellery in its many forms can make for a fantastic gift, but what is there to consider and which item would work for each momentous occasion? You may need to think about your son, father, friend or partner's fashion tastes, interests as well as when and where they are going to wear it.

To help you find the perfect gift for men, we take a look at what to consider when browsing men's bracelets, necklaces, rings, bangles and cufflinks.

Subtle differences

On the face of it, there might not seem like much difference between bangles and bracelets, but there are a few things which separate the two. Bangles are generally sturdier and are inflexible, circular in shape and are often made using luxurious, precious materials like gold, silver, glass and platinum.

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Ferrous metals are also used to craft them, as shown expertly by this distinctive bangle from Unique Jewels. The stainless steel finish and almost futuristic design belies its price tag, while it would top off a three-piece suit worn for a wedding or job interview, particularly grey or pastel blue outfits.

Your flexible friend

As we discussed earlier in this post, bracelets are somewhat more flexible, while they're also made from a wider range of materials. Bracelets can be worn for formal and informal events, so they're a little more versatile. They could be given as birthday presents for 18th or 21st birthdays, as the styles employed in their design are suited to younger men.

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A prime example is this one from Armani, with its sleek black leather strap and metal embellishment bearing the fashion house's iconic logo. The subtlety of this particular bracelet lends itself well to being a gift that marks the transition from childhood to adulthood.

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Men's bracelets could look great as something to wear on holiday. Combining plaited black leather and stainless steel to create something a little more casual, this Fred Bennett bracelet can work well with casual outfits such as a jeans and t-shirt.

Getting shirty

Cufflinks are seen as an ideal way to make a long-sleeved shirt seem complete. The sheer number of designs used to create them means that, where buying them as gifts is concerned, you're spoilt for choice. A pair of matching cufflinks could be given as a wedding present for a groom, especially if the design is chosen to complement his new wedding ring.

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Unique's stainless steel cufflinks are exactly the sort of thing which could form part of the perfect wedding outfit for a groom-to-be. The curved rectangular face, helped by a lack of obvious branding, creates a pair of cufflinks that will last for generations, as this is the exact type of thing that would be perfect as a family heirloom.

Not just for boybands

When you think of necklaces and dog tags, images of boyband members, R 'n' B stars and supermodels enter your thoughts, but they can make great presents too. For any man with a birthday coming up, they could be a unique gift that will make them feel loved and appreciated, while also completing a casual look for a night out.

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One such necklace that does the trick is this nifty number from Guess, whose black ion-plated steel necklace is sure to steal the show, with its horn pendant straying from the norms of jewellery design. It would look great with an open-necked shirt or vest during the summer months.

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A more understated design is featured in many dog tag necklaces, including Calvin Klein's stainless steel one. The minimalist look would work equally as well on a night out, but would also be fine as part of a more formal getup, such as that for a meeting with clients at work.

Ringing endorsement

As mementos of the most special of occasions such as wedding anniversaries, what better than a ring? Whether they have a timeless quality or look somewhat more contemporary, rings can be worn with pride to mark a major milestone, whether it's a wedding anniversary or becoming a father for the first time.

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Armani's studded stainless steel ring is sure to stand out on any hand, particularly because of the studded motif around the edges. This ring screams responsibility, while it's sure to last well into old age when the kids have flown the nest, with the wearer left to enjoy their golden years.

Saying you love your son, husband, boyfriend, brother or father can be done easily with the right piece of jewellery. When there's a special occasion or they've achieved something they've worked so hard to make happen, rewarding them with a new ring, necklace or bracelet is one of the best possible ways to mark it.

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