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I'm interested in buying men's cufflinks, where should I start?

Article date: Tue 27th January 2015 03:32 PM
I'm interested in buying men's cufflinks, where should I start?

A pair of cufflinks can be a great way to enter the world of men's jewellery, as they're only a small addition to your daily ensemble, so they won't cause a shock to the system or anything. Cufflinks are often very subtle in their appearance too, though there are more extravagant pieces available if you're wanting to go down the blingy route.

There are different styles for different occasions however; you'll probably want to have different pairs for daywear and for special occasions, for example. What's more, spare a thought for the colour of cufflinks which you're looking to buy, as they'll have to work well with the items already in your wardrobe, as well as any items you might plan to buy in the near future.

The right cufflinks for the occasion

When looking for some cufflinks to team up with some smart office wear such as a suit, chances are that you'll need something as smart and sophisticated as the rest of your outfit. However, if you've got a wedding coming up, or a posh corporate event, something flashier may be the only thing that will properly fit the bill.

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These Calvin Klein cufflinks are made from stainless steel and have a matte finish, which make them ideal for an understated office outfit. As they're plain silver, they'll match up well with watches, rings and even bracelets of the same colour, and will also work with a whole host of coloured shirts and suits.

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This set of cufflinks from Unique really set the bar high in terms of creativity and originality. With a design reminiscent of a skeleton watch, wearing these on your cuffs is sure to get people talking, which can even act as a good ice-breaker! With a silver, grey and gold colour scheme, they'll match up well with typical suit colours, as well as your other pieces of jewellery.

Colour matching

Whichever cufflinks you wear, it's very important that they work with the colours of your day to day outfits. Fortunately, many pairs come in silver, which is easy to match up with a wide variety of even the most outlandish colours. However there also exist some pairs of cufflinks which require a little more thought to figure out exactly which of your shirts will work with them.

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These Armani cufflinks come in a sleek black colour, which will sit nicely with both dark and light colours, depending on your personal style preference. If you pair them with a navy blue shirt for example, they'll take on a classic understated look, whilst pairing them with something white will allow them to thoroughly stand out and make an impression.

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These Kennett cufflinks are brown in colour, which also makes them slightly more challenging to match up than your standard silver cufflinks. However, brown looks great with both white and black shirts, whilst these cufflinks could also work with a navy blue suit which are now more popular than ever.

Buying cufflinks as a gift

Whilst cufflinks are a great present to treat yourself to, they can also be a great gift to give someone. But when buying for someone else, it's extremely important to consider their style, and how the pair of cufflinks you choose will match up with the clothes they love to wear on a daily basis. There are simple designs available of course, whilst there are also more flamboyant styles to match similarly flamboyant tastes.

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This cufflink set from Fossil is very simple in colour, being a nice, bright silver. The design, however, is that of an aeroplane, which definitely makes them more interesting than a more nondescript shape. These cufflinks aren't solely for plane fanatics however, with many men being able to appreciate these trendy pieces.

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However, if a simpler style is on the agenda, then these Fred Bennett cufflinks should be right up your street. Perfect for the bloke who likes to play safe with his fashion choices, this simple cross style is very easy to love, and will match up with almost any colour or pattern imaginable even polka dot!

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However, if you do know someone who's flamboyant through and through who wears outlandish outfits, day in, day out - then these Shimla cufflinks are right on the money. As blingy as they come, these pieces are bright gold, with plenty of sparkly bits thrown in for good measure!

No matter whether you're looking for a set of cufflinks to wear to the office, to a wedding, or even to buy for someone else, the range of choice is surprisingly vast! With pieces to match all tastes and styles, every personal preference is catered for in the world of cufflinks, no matter how simple or extravagant you enjoy being.

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