Mens Casio G-Shock Alarm Chronograph Watch GW-M5600BC-1ER


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4.89/5 Based on 61 customer reviews

Sorry, this product is now discontinued and is no longer available.


A fantastic sports watch from Casio, the all black construction gives it a nice fashion edge. Packed full of features, backed on the Casio G-shock, this is a brilliant sports watch at a great price. Tough Solar, Waveceptor, alarms, world time, chronograph complete the ultra tough look.

  • Brand: Casio
  • Gender: Gents
  • Model Name: G-Shock
  • Movement Source: Japanese
  • EAN: 5052210309263
  • Guarantee: 2 years
  • Packaging: Casio packaging
  • MPN: GW-M5600BC-1ER
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  • Official Casio presentation box
  • Official Casio guarantee
  • Instruction manual (where applicable)
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Size and Fit

  • Case depth approx.: 13mm
  • Case width approx.: 43mm

Features and Functions

  • Alarm: Yes
  • Backlight: Yes
  • Chronograph: Yes
  • Movement: Tough solar
  • Radio Controlled: Yes

Materials and Care

  • Analogue/Digital: Digital
  • Primary Material: Black Ion-plated Steel
  • Case Shape: Square
  • Clasp type: Deployment
  • Dial Colour: Black
  • Strap colour: Black
  • Strap Type: Metal bracelet
  • Water Resistance: 200 metres

Ratings and reviews

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Average rating: 4.89 / 5
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mm | Fri 30th August 2013 |

nice watch,pretty good.and the delivery was fast. ...................................................

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RoJo | Tue 27th August 2013 |

Initial impressions were that the case was smaller than I was expecting, especially when compared to my existing G-Shock. However the watch is quickly growing on me. It has a very durable rubberised finish creating a stealth appearance. The strap, which I would prefer to be slightly wider, is easy to adjust and comfortable. There are times when I feel it is a little cheap feeling, but I am used to wearing heavy automatic steel watches. The accuracy of the displayed time is very impressive, and I look forward to how it performs with foreign travel. Pleased overall and wouldc recommend to friends.

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Amanda cope | Fri 23rd August 2013 |

I bought this watch as a replacement for the one I lost and its brilliant! Perfect for working in the security industry and even in an office!

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Paul Carvel | Thu 15th August 2013 |

Very pleased with my new Casio watch really like the black colour and metal black strap the white colour of the digital display . Only problem you have to pay to have links taken out of the strap.should be some way of getting watch straps altered for free

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Mikeiow | Sat 10th August 2013 |

Excellent watch: accurate, solar powered, what is not to like!
Display is a stylish reverse effect, but fairly easy to read & with cool way of lighting up when you raise the arm.
Recommended :

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Vladimir | Tue 25th October 2011 |

The CASIO G-Shock line is immense. Actually, it has its own sub lines. You have all digital, digi-analog, and full analog; basic functions and special sensors; plain black and a myriad of color combinations; square casing, round casing, and asymmetric casings. And then of course there are special editions... When it comes right down to it, Casio is very skilled at milking the market. But putting that aside, quality is excellent and there are many reasonably priced models.

But for me, the DW5600 square casing epitomizes what a G-Shock is all about. No need for a hulking piece of rubber coated metal on your wrist to protect against impacts. Keep the watch slim and low profile, thereby avoiding a lot of knocks to begin with.

When I saw the GW-M5600BC, I instantly felt that "I want it" grabbing at me... and now that I own one, I felt compelled to write a review. It has already been reviewed a number of times, but each one has its own perspective and so here's my take on it.
The GW-M5600BC essentially echoes the visual design of the DW-5000/DW-5600 models. The retro styling of this model has the nice distinction of having a wrist band comprised of resin and metal segments. It's a very classy bracelet with spring locked clasp. The resin segments have a black matte pattern that contrasts well with the semi-gloss black metal segments. Spring pins secure them together, making it easy to perform adjustments. Also, the clasp features a micro position adjustment for more precise wrist sizing. Although the clasp has a rubberized bracer to help minimize scratches to the clasp, the metal segment immediately adjacent has a tendency to get scratched. Also, the segment gaps are large enough to allow sand to slip in between and narrow enough to help keep them there (meaning, it's a pain to deal with and so caution is suggested for those who wear this model while on a beach). But the clasp design fits nicely flush to the bracelet, so the wrist comfort is excellent.
Functionally, the GW-M5600BC is far more advanced than its ancestors.
Solar powered (with battery indicator and power-saving function).
5-band atomic (calibrates with all world atomic clocks, minus China)
World time selection (48 cities).
Stopwatch with a resolution of 1/100th of a second.
Countdown timer (max 60 minutes).
Five daily alarms (Alarm #1 has a snooze option).
Electroluminescent backlight.
Perpetual calendar (day and date are visible simultaneously, a big plus).
Waterproof to 200 meters, or about 650 feet.

The butttons on this model remain a bit small and don't protrude as much as on the original DW-5600, so there is a bit more effort required to operate the watch functions. The caseback is secured by four partially recessed screws rather than a screw threaded caseback, but the chizeled design is attractive. Although the casing is covered in hardened rubberized material, the core of it must be a fairly thick steel, as the watch has some decent heft to it--much nicer than the super light weight of a nearly all plastic watch.

Casio went with a reverse or "negative" display on this model, meaning that the whole LCD face is black with "blank" segments used to construct the informational displays. It's more difficult to read than a positive LCD display, but then it makes for a stealthier appearance. That was Casio's cosmetic theme, as the "Protection" and "G-Shock" inscribed lettering has a dark gray paint (instead of white) to avoid drawing attention. The all black theme, except for the stainless steel buttons, works really well. From a distance, the screen looks completely black and does not scream "DIGITAL WATCH".
I find I'm able to read this watch in most conditions, except in dim light. But thankfully there is illumination available. Casio incorporated an auto-illumination feature. When tilting the watch in a way that suggests the wearer is looking at the time, it activates the illumination for almost 2 seconds. This can end up using a lot of energy if participating in activities that cause the wrist to rotate a lot, so Casio provided an option to turn it off. So, it's really best to keep it off if you're going to be moving around a lot.
Because this is a solar powered watch with secondary battery, Casio decided to be conservative in some respects. The illumination stays on for 1.5 seconds (would be much nicer to have 3 seconds) and all alarms function for only 10 seconds, at a reduced volume compared to non-solar models. Actually, the chosen frequency of the audible alarm is a problem for some people who have minor hearing loss or tinnitus. Casio should have chosen a lower frequency, but perhaps that would require more power to achieve the audible level they felt would be sufficient. Personally, I find the alarm almost useless unless I am in an extremely quiet environment and take the watch off. It's a bit frustrating, as I find the countdown timer useful. So, I'm forced to glance at it periodically to be sure I haven't missed the zero count. Note that the sound is much lower from the back and sides, so be sure you have the front facing you. If there was a DIY modification to increase the sound with only a minor increase in power consumption, I'd do it. Unfortunately, the only thing I've found so far is that a higher voltage battery would have to be used, which wouldn't be compatible with the solar function.

Overall, I really like the design job Casio did with this watch. The stealthy black appearance, reasonable heft, convenient clasp bracelet that is comfortable to wear, and useful design of the 5600 model casing makes this an enjoyable watch to wear. I'm not surprised it has become the "go to" watch for a number of owners who've posted about it on-line. It certainly has for me. It's partly due to the band, which is so easy to put on and comfortable to wear.

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fitmangym | Sun 9th October 2011 |

Fantastic G SHOCK watch, that has the look of the 80s with the latest technology inside.The reversed b/w display makes the watch stand out in a good way not like all the same old ones around LQQKS great too I wouldn't buy any other make of watch anymore, & I wouldn't buy one without solar power or radio control as they work so well, the solar display shows Low / Medium / High (L-M-H) charge leave on the screen & is Radio control too it s everyday without fault. & always keeps the watch up-to date so you never have to change or the time even for Daylight saving time (both solar & radio control work without missing a beat) & the watch LQQKS SO GOOD ON. I have three G SHOCK watches now all are Radio controlled, solar powered ones

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602659 | Wed 28th September 2011 |

Superb watch, at a very nice price! It has many useful functions, best casio I have ever had, my cousin wants to buy 1 now!!!

5 out of 8 people found this review helpful
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Floris | Sun 25th September 2011 |

Finally my first G-Shock. Well, actually i wasn't really into the GS until I discovered this model. It's not too big, but still it has something which makes the watch look unbreakable. Must be the reversed b/w display. You have to like it, because it's not very practical. I think it gives this watch that special touch which it needs, as I found the normal 5600 a bit boring. Actually, because the watch itself is a bit timide in contrary to other GS's, you can easily wear this watch welldressed.. it even looks sharp.

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Sune | Thu 8th September 2011 |

This is my first digital watch, this is my first new watch, until now I've only been interested in old manuel watches from 50 and 60. In January I'm about to do a life long dream, I'm spending a couple of month in south america traveling and hopefully making a documentary! For this I need a watch that can stay on my wrist at al time, no matter what!!! so some important features are durability, waterproof, low maintenance and an al black watch.

The other features of the watch was a bonus. the only thing i don't like is the metal bracelet. I'd rater have a rubber strap that is more adjustable.

I dislike that the backlight doesn't stay on when you change mode. auto light dont work as good as i thought.

But looking at the price, this watch is worth every penny.

and buying it online saved me an other 50 £... So I'm pleased!

3 out of 6 people found this review helpful
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