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With an out-of-this-world watch collection, Lola Rose doesn't only create a new world of watches, but a new universe where one would imagine the concept of time is warped, askew, or maybe even non-existent. This collection is perfect for dreamers and imagination-filled travellers to Lola Rose's alternative dimension who, unfortunately, must still live with time constraints. Read more

Luckily, however, this collection allows imagination to meet time telling, with its fantastic range of multi-coloured and breathtakingly adorned dials, featuring images of crystallised volcanic rocks such as agate, magnasite and malachite, among other visuals that bring the textures and limits of this world to life.

Take your pick of colours; with everything on offer from pastel pinks to bold primary colours, metal bracelet straps and those of genuine leather, you'll be spoilt for choice. Let your watch stand out as much as you do with this outstanding collection of women's watches.

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