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I'm looking for a ladies' watch, where do I start?

Article date: Tue 27th July 2015 03:32 PM
I am looking for a ladies? watch, where do I start?

Whether you are looking for a new watch for yourself, or buying one as a gift for someone else, picking the right one can be a really tricky task. Therefore, it can be hard to know where to begin your search and how to narrow down your options. There are lots of factors to consider that can make the decision easier, so take a look through these tips to figure out how to find the right watch.


If you frequently attend formal or black-tie events, it may be wise to invest in a delicate, timeless dress watch. Alternatively, if you work with your hands a lot and need something that won?t get damaged easily, a watch which has a plastic or rubber strap will be ideal. Lifestyle plays a huge part in choosing the kind of watch you will need, so read on for more hints and tips.

Keeping active

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For ladies who are constantly on the move, in and out of the gym, or are huge fans of the hiking trip, a sporty watch might just be perfect. Sports watches come with a range of extra features, including chronographs, heart monitors, and alarms.

This watch by Timex has the added benefit of the neon design, which makes it ideal if you're going out for a run in the evening. It is always a good idea to make yourself visible if you?re out jogging in reduced light, and this watch will fit the bill nicely.

Working nine to five

Of course, what job you do will impact hugely on the kind of watch that is suitable for work. Working on a construction site will necessitate a totally different watch to working in an upmarket boutique, so bear this in mind while you browse for the one you need.

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If your work is in an office setting, or anywhere that requires a smart, relatively formal dress-code, then a certain style of watch will work brilliantly. This particular style is understated, subtle, yet sleek and sophisticated. It is a few steps down from a dress watch, but a bit more dynamic than your everyday watch.

This Rotary model is a perfect example, with its simple, yet very classy face, offset by a rich and slightly textured leather strap. A smart work watch will likely be worn day-in, day-out, so you need something that is reliable, versatile, as well as being comfortable. As such, leather is often a good option, and a neutral colour scheme will help you match it with anything.

Bold and masculine

There has been a consistently popular trend over the past few years for women to wear men?s watches, and many people still prefer chunky, masculine watches to the more delicate styles that are often associated with women?s watches.

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Some ladies? watches have been designed to reflect this trend, including this model by Michael Kors. It has a dynamic colour scheme, and the black rubber strap adds to the masculine feel of the design. The face itself measures 38mm at its widest, so it will sit very sturdily on your wrist, and is sure to catch everyone?s eye.

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There are many unisex watches that perform similar functions, such as this one by Big Ice. The watch face is 45mm wide, which will make it a real statement piece on your wrist. The colouring of the leather strap makes it a very versatile watch, so you?ll be able to pair it up with a number of outfits.

Doing it all for fashion

For many women, a wrist watch is about so much more than being able to tell the time ? it is a fashion statement. Many watches are made with this in mind; they perform the key function of a watch, but also act as an accessory to be styled around.

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This Kahuna watch is a perfect example. Built into the design of a stylish patterned cuff, this elegant timepiece becomes a focal point of an outfit, rather than an addition. The colour of the cuff is continued into the watch face with the coordinated dials and batons, thus making it dramatic, but not outlandish.

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If you want something even bolder, you can opt for really daring designs, such as this bejewelled animal print design from Juicy Couture. The studded jewels extend across the entire face and casing, making it a very glamourous timepiece indeed.

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Alternatively, this striking Vivienne Westwood model features gold casing contrasted with a rich navy blue strap and face. It is an attention-grabbing design, but since there are only two colours used you will still find it easy to pair it up with other items in your ensemble.

Glitz and glamour

For a black tie event, a wedding, or a similarly formal occasion, you may find that only a dress watch will do. These can come in the form of your most diamond-encrusted model, or the classic, elegant designs that exude timeless charm.

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If your preference is for the former, this Seksy watch might be your cup of tea. The simple design of the watch face is contrasted beautifully by the gold and silver casing and strap, as well as the jewels that feature all over the main body of the watch. This will look stunning when paired with a simple and understated evening gown.

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Alternatively, more classic designs include this one from DKNY. Models like this are timeless, and the neutral colouring ensures that it is extremely versatile ? perfect for both extravagant and simple patterns. The cross-over design makes it visually appealing, therefore you can try to match this with other accessories that have a similar appearance, like these earrings.


In addition to the all-important question of style, you have to consider the maintenance of your watch. The different types of batteries or power systems of a watch require different kinds of upkeep.

Quartz is a commonly-used way to power a watch. It uses a quartz crystal to show as accurate a time as possible, with an electric current sending vibrations through the internal mechanisms. This is what regulates the moving parts of the watch and displays the time. The benefit of a quartz watch is that it will stay accurate until the battery runs out of power, which typically occurs every few years. At this point the battery will need changing.

Mechanical watches, (sometimes referred to as ?hand-wound?), have a spring built into the internal mechanisms, instead of a battery. This tightly-wound spring releases its energy very slowly over time, which causes the moving parts of the watch to show the time. This system is controlled by a mainspring, and once this has totally unwound the watch will stop. These watches should be wound up regularly to keep the time as accurate as possible. Mechanical watches are known for the amount of skill and craftsmanship that goes into making them.

Automatic watches, (also known as ?self-winding?), operate using a similar system to mechanical watches, with the addition of a weight on the mainspring. A movement of the watch causes this mechanism to spin, which makes it ideal for everyday use, since having the watch on your wrist will keep the spring and weight spinning. This does mean that the watch will stop working if it is unused for a few days, and in this instance you will need to reset the time.

Solar-powered watches are exactly that ? solar-powered. Their batteries have the capacity to store a lot of power, meaning that the battery will not need replacing so long as the watch is properly cared for.

If you are especially busy, and don?t have time to be worrying about winding up a watch, a quartz or automatic watch might be the best option. However, if you only wear your watch very occasionally, this may make you better suited to a solar-powered or a mechanical one. This is an important factor to consider when buying a watch, since it could significantly alter the type of watch that you are looking for.


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In terms of the watch face, the size may depend largely on the style you go for. Sports watches, for instance, tend to have larger faces than dress watches, though there will be many exceptions to this. As far as the watch face is concerned, many people advocate keeping your proportions in mind, and not opting for something dramatically oversized if you are quite petite.

Of course, for every fashionista who suggests this, there is another refuting it, but a watch face over 40mm might threaten to look too big on someone small, so be sure to try on watches before committing to buying one, just to see how well it fits on your wrist.

From a practical perspective, especially if you are buying a watch as a gift, it is a good idea to buy one with a larger strap. This is because it is easier to take links out or create an extra hole in the leather than it is to fit a bigger strap.

The business of buying a watch ? either for yourself or as a gift, can seem a whole lot trickier than it actually is. If you bear all these factors in mind, and think sensibly about when you will wear this watch and how often, you will find that choosing the perfect one doesn?t have to be a chore.


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