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How to style up a thin watch

Article date: Tue 27th July 2015 03:32 PM
How to style up a thin watch

An elegant, thin watch is a perfect choice for any woman, since it performs the same as its oversized counterparts, while maintaining the class and sophistication of something subtle and understated. Circular or rectangular, metal or leather, the right watch for you is out there, and will suit a huge range of looks. The delicacy of a thin metal strap will complement a swanky evening dress, and a slim leather strap is versatile enough to cover anything from work to a trip to the shops.

No matter what the occasion, we can help you find a beautiful thin watch that will complement your style perfectly.

Super-delicate straps

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For that light-as-a-feather feel, there are many timepieces that come with a really delicate strap, like a bracelet. These can work beautifully at a black tie event, since they are elegant and classic, yet soft and understated. Some come with jewel embellishments within the design, giving an extra hint of glamour, but because the strap is so fine, this won't overwhelm the look of your outfit.

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This Rotary watch has a gorgeous, rich gold strap and case, matched by the champagne-coloured face. The slim strap is made up of lots of small links, which makes it feel all the more delicate, and measuring just 17mm at its widest, it will sit softly on any wrist.

This is the sort of design that will match an evening dress, since it is timeless in style and very dainty, and will look gorgeous paired with other gold accessories, such as earrings or a necklace.

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With a series of circular links, the strap on this watch from Sekonda will look similarly elegant and delicate on your wrist. Silver is great for matching with pretty much anything, and the simplicity of the watch face means that the design is versatile.

With the slightly more funky design of the strap, this watch will look great with a cocktail dress, especially if combined with other diamond accessories to bring out the jewels in the watch face.

Stand-out glamour

Sometimes, you don't want your watch to blend into the background. Instead, you want something that will make a statement and become a real feature of your outfit.

Image 11.4

A watch doesn't have to be all-singing, all-dancing to stand out. In fact, it is often the most simple and classic watches that make the biggest impact. This Karen Millen model, for example, is totally slim-line in design, and has no numbers or extra dials to overwhelm the petite watch face, making it a perfect example of ?less is more'.

The strap is slick and unpatterned, making it incredibly easy to match to pretty much anything! Because of the style of the design, you could pair this with a range of outfits, from smart-casual to absolute dynamite night-out dresses. Silver is a really versatile metal, so you're going to struggle to find something this doesn't go with.

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With its mix of leather and metal, this watch by Emporio Armani is dynamic and sophisticated. The rose gold colouring of the case makes it all the more feminine, and the unstitched design of the leather means that the combination of the two materials does not overwhelm the look.

Since there are two different, complementary colours included in this watch, you might want to pick one that you match with something else in your outfit. For example, the rose gold will match a range of light pink shades, so maybe think about having pink clothes or accessories as part of the outfit.

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If a dynamic style is what you're after, this Bering watch might be the one for you. The slick black colouring that extends all around the strap makes it eye-catching, but at only 20mm at its widest, it is still perfect for a slim wrist. This one has a clean and minimalist face too, omitting any numbers from the design, thus keeping the focus on the bold colouring and making it an instant classic.

Monochrome outfits will obviously suit this watch, but even if you've got some bright or varied shades, it will most likely match perfectly with them too. Try to create a sense of continuity throughout the outfit, perhaps by pairing this watch with black jeans if your top is bright and patterned, or if you are wearing a bold, colourful dress, have a series of black accessories, such as shoes and a clutch bag.

Throwing some shapes

Rectangular watch faces can give the illusion of the watch being even thinner, since there is less curvature between the strap and the face. This creates one long line all around the watch, making it look totally sleek and streamlined.

Image 11.7

This watch by DKNY has a gorgeous cross-over design in the strap, which makes it aesthetically a really interesting timepiece. The rich gold colour of the strap and case is complemented by the mother of pearl face, which is symmetrical in design.

As a sleek and narrow watch, you might want to continue that style throughout your outfit, perhaps by pairing it with earrings like these, which mimic the narrow design of the watch. Gold is pretty easy to match up with most colours, but you can't go wrong with either a simple, elegant brown, or a bold orange.

Image 11.8

This Gucci design is incredibly slim, measuring at just 13mm at its widest, featuring a narrow rectangular watch face. The strap is a shiny silver bracelet and creates a long, uninterrupted line the whole way round, except for the delicate circular clasp at the back. It also features two diamonds within the design, making it extra-special and just that little bit more glamourous.

Because this watch is super-narrow, you can afford to have other bracelets alongside it, but ensure that they are all silver, (or other complementary metals / colours) so you don't end up clashing. The circular elements of the watch's design will look great paired with other circular patterns, such as these earrings by Royal London. While both the watch and the earrings are quite subtle, they can work together to create a really elegant look.

Work it at the office

Thin watches can be the perfect option for work-wear, since they will look totally professional and sophisticated but still give you the opportunity to show off your personality. A thin watch will tuck neatly under a sleeve when you need to get your business face on, but even if they are proudly on display, they won't look too bold or showy in the work environment.

Image 11.9

Nothing combines classic style with individuality quite like a Vivienne Westwood design, and this watch is no exception. The textured strap is a rich brown leather, which is easy to pair with a number of looks. It is well-matched by the gold casing, which features the brand's logo at the top. A small, subtle splash of colour comes courtesy of the blue second counter, but set against a minimalist face, this does not detract from the overall style of the watch.

If you want to emphasise that splash of blue, you could wear this watch with something else blue, like a shirt or skirt. If you're wearing this out of the office, blue jeans will work perfectly! Alternatively, gold accessories will really bring out the colour of the casing, so try matching this watch up with a necklace, like this one, to create a continuity from head to toe.

Image 11.10

The grey, unstitched strap of this Radley watch makes it sleek, whereas the animal print on the reverse injects some personality into the design. This watch is professional-looking, so perfect for the workplace, and the colour combination is delicate and feminine, suiting any wrist!

Grey is a really versatile colour, and so this watch will match lots of different looks. When it comes to leather straps though, it is often advised that you match the colour of the leather with that of your shoes, or other accessories like a belt or handbag. The rose gold casing will suit pastel tones, especially pink ones, so keep that in mind when you're picking the outfits to go with this watch.

Thin watches are the perfect solution for anyone with smaller wrists, or anyone looking to make a statement with a timepiece that won't overwhelm the rest of their look. Sophistication and style can come in the smallest of packages, and these watches are certainly testament to that.


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