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How to style up a sports watch

Article date: Tue 27th July 2015 03:32 PM
How to style up a sports watch
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A sports watch can be the perfect way to enhance your workout regime and can be a great addition to a casual, everyday style. With enough gadgets available to keep on top of all your vital statistics, sports watches can revolutionise the way you exercise, and can also look great as an addition to your outfit, both in and out of the gym. Knowing when it is appropriate to wear a sports watch can be tricky, but this guide should help clarify which outfits and occasions call for these kinds of watches.

Dare to wear it to work

Many watch aficionados consider it somewhat uncouth to wear a sports watch in an office environment. However, this is a huge generalisation about sports watches, since there are many different styles that are slim, discreet and look professional.

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Since it resembles a chunky bangle, which many women would consider totally fine for work, this Garmin watch could look great with your work wardrobe. Despite its unusual shape (for a timepiece, that is), it is very subtle, with just a splash of purple on the underside, meaning it won?t stick out from your work clothes or appear too casual for work.

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Many consider digital watches to be a no-go when it comes to work. Since the vast majority of sports watches are digital, rather than analogue, this does mean that a lot of sports watches might be best left out of your work wardrobe. However, there are still options available, including this Chronograph model from Casio. The classic simplicity of the design is not hindered by the three dials along the side of the case, and since it only measures 34mm at its widest, it is not too bulky for the office. It?s the perfect style to match more formal clothes such as a trouser suit or smart dress if you?ve got a big meeting or presentation coming up!

Smart casual

Some sports watches are well-suited to that grey area that exists between smart and casual. With sophisticated designs, as well as bold splashes of colour, they will work nicely with jeans and a blouse, or a day dress teamed up with a blazer.

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This Nixon model is a good example, since it has a slick and smart design, made all the more dramatic by the bright shade of pink. This would look really dynamic with a simple dress, or a smart jumper paired with some jeans. Neutral colours would go best with it, so as to emphasise the bold colour choice.

Quick tip: Accentuate its colour by matching your lipstick or earrings with it.

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This Adidas watch also makes use of a bold colour, opting for a vivid blue to contrast the clean white face. The dials on the side of the casing are small and subtle enough to make a minimal impact on the overall design, and the LCD dial is clear and easy to read. Pale blue accessories look great with denim, and this style of watch will look really sharp when contrasted with a smart blazer or coat.

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Perhaps one of the smartest watches out there, this Suunto model has a large statement watch face (measuring at 44mm at its widest) as well as a sleek and textured strap. The yellow used around the digital display gives the watch a real eye-catching quality, and with features such as a heart rate monitor and calorie counter, it is both efficient and stylish. This could fit at either end of the smart-casual spectrum, pairing well with heels and pumps alike.

Everyday style

Some sports watches are best paired with your most casual clothes. Combining comfort with a relaxed sense of style, they are the perfect addition to jogging bottoms, jumpers, and anything that requires little to no effort in looking smart. They are playful yet functional, keeping you on time!

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This Timex Performance watch has a clear, bright digital display, making it very easy to read even if the light is dimming. The case measures at 40mm at its widest point, so it will sit firmly on your wrist, and the neutral colouring means it will match almost anything you wear, from bright and bold casual colours, to more subdued tones for work. A pair of smart, tailored shorts and a high-neck sweater will be the perfect canvas for this watch if you?re wearing it in the office, whereas for more casual styles you could team it up with jeans and a plain white tee just as easily as your jogging bottoms.

Sports watches needn?t be confined to your gym bag. There are lots of styles and looks that can be complemented by the right model of watch, making them versatile and wearable even if you?re doing no sport whatsoever!


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