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How to style up a designer watch

Article date: Tue 27th July 2015 03:32 PM
How to style up a designer watch
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Many big designer names carry with them an assurance of top quality and ultimate style. No matter what budget you have to play with, there will be designer watches available to transform any outfit. Whether you want something subtle and elegant to blend into your look, or something to stand out and become a real feature of your outfit, there is a timepiece out there to satisfy your needs.

Low-cost quality

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DKNY has a range of very attractive watches, including this silver model. The simplicity of the watch face is paired with a funky design in the strap, keeping this watch very classy and elegant but with a hint of personality. It is a very slight watch, measuring just 24mm at its widest, and so it will suit even very petite wrists. It will also look gorgeous as part of a formal outfit, since it is understated and classic! The shine of the metal will respond to any colour that you pair this with, and so you will find it works with almost every shade of clothing you own.

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Olivia Burton?s designs capture a really feminine feel, using pretty pastel shades and minimal embellishments. This watch from the Woodland range has a smaller watch face than her other models, but makes up for this lack of size with style.

The pale pink face is decorated with a gorgeous butterfly ? a common motif across Burton designs ? which has beautifully rich colours, yet is still subtle enough to not overwhelm the overall look of the watch. The strap is very clean and unstitched, and since the colouring is neutral, it will be easy to match with a lot of outfits. Try it with a pair of smart jeans and an off-white or pale pink shirt to create a delicate and feminine kind of glamour.

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Never one to shy away from making a statement, Armani Exchange has a number of watches that are sure to catch everyone?s eye. This sleek black model has a combination of leather and metal in the strap, and, combined with the clean and uncluttered look of the watch face, this is a perfect example of ?less is more?. The pattern in the very centre of the face keeps the design interesting and individual, showing that style doesn?t have to be showy or complex. Sometimes, simplicity is everything.

This watch is quite large compared to many ladies? watches, measuring at 36mm at its widest, and ? combined with the dynamic colouring ? it is a more of a feature than an accessory in any outfit. Black goes with anything, so you can team it up with any colour ? just avoid having other accessories in gold so you don?t clash with the silver. This could act as a contrast item if paired with a cocktail dress too, making your outfit really interesting and varied.

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Smart-casual never looks better than with a fabric-strapped Daniel Wellington watch, like this one. The distinct colours in the strap give you some direction in terms of which clothes you can wear this with. For example, red accessories will help to really bring out the red in the strap, so maybe pair this with bright red lipstick, shoes or bag. The minimal watch face is made pretty by way of the diamond design, making this watch versatile in terms of which events it is suitable for ? anything from an office meeting to a day at the races.

Mid-range elegance

Moving slightly up the price scale, you can find watches that raise the bar in terms of dynamic designs and aesthetic appeal. These watches all range between £100 and £200, making them items you might buy as special gifts, perhaps for a birthday or anniversary.

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Ted Baker really knows the score when it comes to style and glamour, and this bejewelled pink watch is no exception. The pastel shade of the strap is delicate enough to balance the intricate and complex design of the face, which has two circles of diamond studs around the circumference. It avoids looking too busy or cluttered by keeping the colour scheme simple, but the diamonds make it glitzy. This means it is a perfect watch to wear for a special occasion. Pair it with other diamond accessories, like these earrings, to create a link between the different parts of your outfit and combine with a floral dress in shades of pale pink and green. The playful and feminine nature of this watch will make it ideal for a party or a night out with friends.

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Some watches, like this Calvin Klein model, are not made to blend into the background. With an eye-catching and unique design, this is a watch that will demand attention, but is also versatile enough to work with almost any colour scheme. The clean and simple silver will almost absorb whatever colour you are wearing, and the very thin bracelet strap gives it that barely-there appearance. Because of the dynamic design, this watch will look fantastic with a formal dress, since it is simultaneously very bold and subtle, maintaining a classic appeal despite the unusual shaping.

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The name on everybody?s lips is Michael Kors, and this will certainly be the case if you rock up to your office party or girls? night out sporting this gorgeous rose gold watch. There are loads of interesting design features here, including a tortoiseshell pattern across the strap, jewel-studded hour batons, and three extra dials on the watch face. It is quite a large face, measuring at 39mm at its widest, but this masculine size is balanced by the jewels around the circumference, as well as the very feminine rose gold metal. It is also a clever little number, with a chronograph function and water-resistance up to 100m.

Watches like this are made for parties and special occasions, especially with the abundance of glitzy jewels embedded throughout the design. Rose gold is a versatile metal to work with, but you might want to pick an outfit that will emphasise the shades of brown featured in the tortoiseshell pattern.

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If it?s quirky and playful designs that you?re after, look no further than Pocket Watch. Their watches combine classic elegance with an almost thrown-together appearance, as can be seen in this brown and gold model. The simplicity of the casing and strap allows for the busy and unusual design of the face, in which the numbers and dials all melt into each other.

This watch will look totally at home in the office, since the leather and the case are classically styled, and the face is not so wacky that you?ll look out of place in a big meeting or pitch. Indeed, it will show off a bit of your individual style while still demonstrating that you mean business.

Pushing the boat out

For some occasions, only the best will do. For a really big party or event, a stroll along the red carpet, or even a wedding, you might decide to go for the crème de la crème of timepieces, which is where beauties like these come in.

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Vivienne Westwood is a pro when it comes to attention-grabbing designs, and this ceramic model is guaranteed to turn heads. Black is a dynamic colour when used on a watch face and paired with the contrasting rose gold this watch really stands out. Westwood?s trademark logo features both on the face and at the pendant hanging from the case, so the whole world knows exactly whose stylish timepiece you are rocking.

Cocktail dresses will really show off this glamourous little number, since they exude a playful yet sophisticated kind of sex appeal. Try finding something blue to go with this watch ? maybe your shoes or a clutch bag ? to bring out the splash of colour in the second counter.

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This Juicy Couture watch is the horological equivalent of a peacock: bold, ostentatious and one of a kind. It is covered in pretty jewels, leaving only the watch hands to distinguish this as a timepiece. The simplicity of the white leather strap allows for the explosive design of the face and case, which make this watch so much more than just an accessory.

Dark-coloured outfits will make this watch stand out even more than it already does, but if you want to really match it up with what you?re wearing, try opting for warm, light tones, such as yellows or creams. A diamond bracelet on your other arm will complement this watch beautifully, but don?t go for anything that is too showy, as you don?t want your wrists competing for attention. Opt for something subtle and delicate, like this very pretty bracelet from DKNY.

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If you?re after something that is classic and understated, yet still oozes sophistication, this gold Marc by Marc Jacobs watch might just be ideal. It adopts a minimal design, with little to no embellishment in the watch face. However, a bit of individuality is evident in the substitution of the numbers for ?BY MARC JACOBS?, the colouring of which makes it a really subtle addition to the design. This elegant watch is perfect for a black tie event, since it is timeless while exuding complete sophistication.

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Now, if we?re talking the most special of special occasions ? i.e. your wedding day ? you want a watch that will look unique and gorgeous. Kate Spade has a collection of delicate and feminine watches, including this classically beautiful model. The jewels decorating the face and casing are subtle enough to keep the design looking very clean and dainty, and with such a narrow strap it will complement your wedding dress without stealing the show.

Styling up a luxury watch

If you?re after a timepiece that is beyond quality and beyond ?designer?, then it might be time to start exploring the world of luxury watches. Made with the top spec movements and crafted with absolute precision, these are the watches that will really stand the test of time, and can make for perfect heirloom pieces to last through the generations.

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Business chic is the name of the game with this sophisticated Muhle Glashutte model. The black leather strap has a gentle yet distinct texture and the petite watch face proves that style does not mean hundreds of embellishments. This is a really cool, calm and collected timepiece that needs nothing more than its simple beauty to make a statement on your wrist. This is ideal for a big business pitch or after getting that big promotion, showing that you are to be taken very seriously.

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A night with the girls in an exclusive bar calls for something playful and glamourous, like this really interesting Frederique Constant design. With such intricate and complex internal workings, it?s no wonder that the face has an exposed section to show off quite how sophisticated this is as a Swiss-made timepiece. This is kept informal by way of the heart patterns and red-lined strap, which makes it easy to pair with a red lipstick or scarf.

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Movado?s watches have the combination between classic beauty and quirky designs perfected, and this gold model is no exception. With delicate circular detailing, the bracelet is more interesting than a plain band and accentuates the petite circular watch face. The face is so minimal, it relies on the hands to identify this as a timepiece, and the ring of jewels around the face make it really beautiful and elegant.

Any evening gown would be lucky to have this watch by its side, especially when combined with other gold or diamond accessories. A chic, floor-length black or white dress would act as a perfect base for this watch, since the colours will be both contrasting and complementary.

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Getting married is certainly justification for a luxury watch, and this gold one from Rotary would be ideal. The bracelet is delicate, and will sit gently on your wrist without distracting the eye from the beauty of your dress. The warm champagne colouring of the face works so well with the gold of the case and bracelet and will bring out the colour of your ring if you are going for gold there too.

Designer and luxury watches can be the ultimate addition to a special outfit, and do justice to those really important events. Whether you want to spend a little or a lot, there are so many options available that you are bound to find the perfect one for you.


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