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How to style up a classic watch

Article date: Tue 27th July 2015 03:32 PM
How to style up a classic watch
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Some watches are made to last through the changes in fashion, styled with a classic elegance that transcends fads and crazes. These watches are more than just timepieces; they are an investment in a kind of quality that is timeless in its beauty, with designs that will look just as good in the years to come as they do now. Carefully looked after, they will withstand the test of time and keep you looking sophisticated whatever you?re wearing.

Because of their timeless design, classic watches are among the most versatile timepieces and can therefore match a range of looks. This guide can help you pick when best to rock your classic watch and what it will look great with.

Professional style

At work, you need to exude a certain kind of look ? one that is serious and professional, yet still shows off an element of your personality. When it comes to watches, ?classic? can often be synonymous with ?understated?, making these watches ideal for maintaining that business-like sophistication.

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Royal London knows the score when it comes to timeless elegance. Their range of quintessentially British designs is ideal for an office environment, since they combine minimal faces with textured straps, keeping things simple and stylish. This black leather model is very slim, so easy to tuck underneath a sleeve, with an elegant gold and monochrome colour scheme that is extremely easy to match with any outfit. This will look great set against both neutral coloured clothes as well as something bold and bright, making it ideal for everyday office-wear.

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Rectangular watches can be just as classic as round ones, and this watch from Rotary is no exception. The gold casing blends beautifully with the rich brown of the leather strap, and the smooth line between the two gives the entire piece a streamlined appearance. There is a small splash of colour in the face thanks to the second counter, which can be accentuated by wearing another accessory in a similar colour, like a turquoise bag.

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With the right design, metal watches can be timeless and sophisticated. Seiko has a range of classic watches that can cater for many looks, from smart-casual to black tie. This silver model has a minimal and uncluttered watch face, which maintains symmetry thanks to the placement of the date counter. The strap curves very gently into the casing, making the edges incredibly sleek. Silver is versatile and can therefore go with pretty much anything, so long as you make sure any other accessories are silver too, creating a sense of continuity throughout your outfit.

A spot of smart-casual

?Smart-casual? is possibly the hardest dress code to get right. Unless your hosts provide you with some kind of scale along the lines of ?if 1 is the gym and 10 is a wedding, come dressed around 5.5?, it can be tricky to know where to find the balance between too much and too little. However, classic watches can be relied upon to suit any configuration of smart-casual, thanks to that timeless appeal that spreads throughout this selection of timepieces.

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The ?casual? element of ?smart-casual? allows you the opportunity to be a little bit more daring and dynamic in your choice of watch, so you can opt for something that?s more playful than you might choose for a black tie event, for example.

This black watch by Sekonda is pretty much exactly what we?re talking about, since the bold choice of colour is offset beautifully by the totally minimal watch face. The leather strap is also modest in design, since it has no exposed stitching, making it very attractive in its simplicity. Since black is every colour?s best friend, you can afford some really bright colours in the rest of your outfit, so maybe pair this black and gold model with red or yellow for a really eye-catching combination.

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Bold colour choices don?t always have to be dark. This light green watch from Braun is dynamic in its design and will therefore match a smart-casual look perfectly. The layout of the watch face is also quirky, which means it will be quite an attention-grabbing feature of your outfit. This colour will look great paired with a pair of light blue jeans, and any pale yellow accessories will accentuate the watch?s yellow second counter.

Out on the town

If we go back to that scale we mentioned, this next look might be going for around 7-8. We mean those nights when you want to look pretty great, but not quite dressed up to the nines. Romantic dinner for two, rather than a wedding, for example. These watches still have an element of personality, but maintain a classic dignity in their design that ensures you look totally elegant.

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Rose gold is a beautiful and feminine metal, and so if you want a watch to really bring out your womanly charm, rose gold is definitely an option to consider. When it comes to ladies? watches, DKNY have perfected metal straps, but this watch which combines rose gold and white leather is gorgeous enough to rival any of their metal creations. The clean and minimalist batons give the watch face a very simple kind of elegance, and at its widest the case measures 28mm, meaning it will look dainty and glamourous on any wrist. Pair this with other rose accessories, such as these earrings, to really emphasise this colour throughout your outfit.

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This Rotary watch shows how pretty a completely rose gold watch can be, maintaining a classic look amidst some intricate design features. Delicate jewels are embedded in the circumference of the watch face, injecting some extra glitz and glamour into the design. The neutrality of the colouring ensures that this is a very versatile watch. Diamond accessories will go perfectly with it and while rose gold is very easy to match with anything, you really can?t go wrong with something white ? this will bring out the colour of the face as well as making a real statement of the metal.

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Bold and beautiful is the name of the game with this Calvin Klein watch. Like so many CK designs, the watch face is super-simple, with just a few lines and the CK logo to interrupt the clean grey design. There is a gentle slope from the face to the strap, giving it a smooth line which is continued by the sleek, unstitched strap. An outfit with one prominent colour ? a red dress, for example ? will be the ideal pair for this black watch, offering a great contrast along with the classic design.

Dressed to impress

If you?re dressing around a 10 on that handy scale we?ve been using, then the following watches are the ones to consider. These classic designs all have that little something extra which makes them perfect for a really special occasion.

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Some brands just ooze glamour and style, and Armani Exchange is one of them. This silver, jewel-studded watch has done away with numbers altogether, leaving just the diamonds to decorate the watch face. This is perfect for wearing with a cocktail dress, since it is perhaps a little bit too large to pair with a ball gown, but elegant enough to complement a really gorgeous outfit. Diamond jewellery is a must, be it a necklace, ring or earrings, to bring out the design of this beautiful timepiece.

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It?s back to rose gold with this gorgeous watch from Bulova. The mother of pearl watch face complements the metal perfectly and is perfectly shown off due to the minimal design. This watch will look great with an evening dress, since it is dainty and delicate but stand-out enough to become a feature of your outfit.

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For some occasions, only gold will do. Paired with a sophisticated black evening dress, this watch from Skagen will look incredible, with its soft gold colouring and diamond design. The strap is delicate and the fluid movement of the links will create an extra shimmer in your outfit. Such a minimal design could match something bold just as well as something simple, making this a very versatile and attractive timepiece.

The very nature of classic watches makes them versatile, so there is always one to match whatever look you?re going for. From black tie events to a night at a bar, you can find something timeless and elegant to act as both an indicator of time as well as a beautiful feature of your outfit.


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