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Are there any good quality, cheap ladies' watches?

Article date: Tue 27th July 2015 03:32 PM
Are there any good quality, cheap ladies' watches?
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Having a stylish timepiece on your wrist doesn't have to cost a fortune. Many brands offer high standard watches at totally affordable prices, ensuring that you can stay both on time and in vogue without paying a premium. From dress watches to sporty ones, there is a huge variety of styles available that are high in quality, but low in cost.

Sports watches

A gadget-laden wristwatch can be the perfect addition to your workout wardrobe. With chronographs, heart rate monitors and other such technology, they can help you keep track of your progress, and record every personal best.

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At the lower end of the price spectrum, you are less likely to find gadgets, but you can still get good watches that will record your times and are water-resistant. This model from Adidas Performance is safe against the wet stuff up to 50 metres, so can be worn for swimming, and the clear digital display ensures you can see the time easily even if you're powering through the water.

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If an easily visible display while on the move is important for you, this Marea watch includes a backlight, so you can always be sure of the time. It's also a chronograph (a stopwatch and standard watch combined), making it perfect for checking your lap times. It fits on securely with a buckle strap, so you can feel confident that it will sit firmly on your wrist throughout your workout.

At the office

Looking great at the office requires a balance between professionalism and personality. The perfect work watch is understated, classic, yet also an expression of your individual style.

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This design by Royal London strikes this balance perfectly. It's available in five versatile colour schemes, making it easy for everyday wear, while the textured strap offsets the symmetry of the face. The simplicity of the number batons contributes to the classic beauty, and being just 25mm at its widest this timepiece means you'll still find subtlety whichever of those rich, attractive colours you choose.

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Alternatively, Limit has a piece that blends total simplicity with some unusual design features. The strap is sleek for its lack of stitching, and the case is attached to the strap by two gold bars, which injects a sense of vintage charm. That's reinforced by the stylisation of the numbers and the delicately pointed hands, which are, in turn, complemented by the modern look of the strap.


A splash of colour can definitely work in the office environment, so don't be scared to pick something like this Oasis model. A totally minimalist design (note again the lack of stitching on the strap) and the pretty pink band make it very feminine and attractive without detracting from the smart look of the watch face. The rose gold complements the pink perfectly, and the overall colouring of the watch is versatile, so you'll be able to wear it with a wide variety of outfits.

Keeping it casual

Watches you wear in your down time offer you much more flexibility in terms of options. Anything goes where colour is concerned, though you may want to pick something that pairs well with most of the items in your wardrobe, just so you get plenty of wear out of it. Big or small, digital or analogue ? the choice is yours.

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This Kahuna model is pretty and feminine, with a subtle flower pattern on the strap and face that adds some personality to the otherwise minimalist design. It's all understated enough to keep the watch very versatile, and the white and gold colour scheme means it can be worn with a range of different outfits.

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You can also find quirky designs for a very reasonable price. Komono's Moneypenny model comes in a range on unusual colour combinations, which, combined with the shape of the face, give the design a 1970s vibe. It also makes a real feature of the contrast stitching, so isn't one to tuck away under a sleeve.

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If you want something really quirky, you can opt for a novelty watch, like this one from Disney by Ingersoll. The Mickey Mouse design is balanced by the sleek black leather strap, keeping it just on the right side of ostentatious ? perfect for casual wear!

Dressed up to the nines

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This Caravelle New York model is striking, with a bold shape and colour scheme. This is a real statement timepiece, which will look great paired with a simple and sophisticated outfit. It's also only 20mm wide, so it won't look too imposing on even the most petite of wrists.

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A formal event calls for a dress watch, but this, too, needn't cost you a fortune. The following watches are all definite occasion items, but none of them come with a premium price tag. They will look perfectly at home as an accessory to an evening gown or cocktail dress, adding the perfect finishing touch to your look.

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This Caravelle New York model is striking, with a bold shape and colour scheme. This is a real statement timepiece, which will look great paired with a simple and sophisticated outfit. It's also only 20mm wide, so it won't look too imposing on even the most petite of wrists.

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The Sekonda Editions watch also follows a black and gold colour scheme, but in this case the design is more delicate whilst still making a statement. More like a bracelet than a standard timepiece, it's extremely elegant, with a number of interesting design features, like the dusted effect on the face itself.

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If you're looking for all-out bling at a low cost, Lipsy has a number of designs that will fit the bill, including this silver and rose model. The delicate ring of diamonds around the face gives it an extra element of glamour, and the case measures 38mm at its widest, so it will sit solidly on the wrist and have a real impact on your look.

So, as you can see, style and glamour to suit every occasion is totally affordable. You don't have to worry about forking out for a hugely expensive timepiece if you're looking for something of good quality. Whatever the look you're going for, there is something to suit you.


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