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I'm interested in a... luxury watch

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I'm interested in a... luxury watch
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As an item that combines indulgence with functionality, a luxury watch is the perfect accessory for any woman. It can show off your individual style, as well as serve as an expression of status and wealth without being too flashy. There are lots of designs to choose from, so you can find a watch that will suit you perfectly, whether you're looking for something for work, rest or play. There are a few points that you will need to consider when you pick out your model, and these hints and tips should help you determine which luxury watch is the right one for you.

What sets them apart?

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Quite frequently, the luxury price tag comes as a result of the intricate mechanisms and designs of the watches. A high level of skill and craftsmanship is required to make a luxury watch, so the more complications that are featured in the watch, the more talent went into its creation. In terms of the interior, many exclusive watches feature mechanical workings, rather than quartz. Swiss watches are often the pinnacle of luxury and expertise, making them the crème de la crème of timepieces.

The design of a watch is also often what makes it ?luxurious', with the most sought-after materials including gold (rose or white) and platinum. You can typically find a scattering of diamonds or other precious jewels embedded into the watch, which only adds to its precious quality.

Luxury watches are an investment, not just in the telling of the time, but in the future ? they are often used as heirloom pieces, passed down through the generations and treasured as a piece of family history. The right watch can serve as a prized possession for years to come, and will survive long after it has been passed down.

Going for gold

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Nothing says ?luxurious' better than gold. As one of the most coveted materials around, it looks stunning around the wrist, and will add a real sense of opulence to your look. This delicate Accurist model contrasts the 18 carat gold casing with a clean white watch face, and its narrow size makes it perfect for a petite wrist.

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This Rotary watch is similarly elegant, with a minimalist design and a champagne-coloured watch face, creating a fluid line of colour between the strap and the face. This fluidity is evident in the shape too, since the strap is almost as wide as the face. This means that the piece has no dramatic curve ? just a soft increase in width around the face which disappears almost immediately.

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Coming in at the lower end of the price spectrum (when it comes to luxury items, that is), this Citizen model does not suffer from lack of quality or appeal for its smaller price tag. The unusual colouring of the watch face gives it a really dynamic appearance, and the inclusion of diamonds scattered across the face makes it very special. This is a perfect watch for a formal event, since it is both understated and charming, with a hint of decadence thrown in.

Silver sophistication

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Extremely elegant and versatile, silver watches are a brilliant option for a luxury item. They will match almost every colour scheme, so you can get a lot of use out of them, and they can be both minimalist and intricate in their design. This Frederique Constant model, for example, has a very clean and simple strap, and the face is totally uncluttered, giving it a clean, simple elegance.

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This model from Movado is even more minimal, with no numbers on the watch face. The hour mark is indicated by a circular imprint on the mother of pearl face, which is surrounded by a ring of delicate diamonds. Silver is very easy to match with a lot of other colours, so it is a versatile timepiece as well as an elegant one.

If you're after a luxury watch that will occupy more space on your wrist, this Ebel watch could be perfect. The case measures 28mm at its widest, and the angular face adds a degree of masculinity to the design. The face itself is decorated with diamonds in place of the numbers, yet still manages to look uncluttered, making it ideal as a statement watch.

Dynamic and eye-catching

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Some luxury watches are made to be noticed, with stand-out designs that make them less of an accessory and more of a feature of your outfit. This Gucci model is a perfect example, with its bold contrast between the rose gold casing and the striking black watch face. The elegant sweep of the ?G' around the watch face makes it slick and pretty, and the minimalist design makes the colour scheme all the more dynamic.

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This Raymond Weil model does everything it can to be noticed, with a bright red leather strap and a host of clever complications. This chronograph watch has 27 jewels within the design, and is water-resistant up to 200 metres, making it both very attractive and highly functional. The case measures 43mm at its widest, and so this watch will make a real statement, particularly on more petite wrists.

Luxury in leather

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Many luxury watches are made with slick and elegant leather straps, offering a classic alternative to metal ones. This Muhle Glashutte model has a sleek black design across the strap and face, offset by the rose gold numbers and casing. It is understated yet dynamic, since the simplicity of the design allows for the bold colouring, and therefore it could easily be worn in a professional environment as well as a more casual one.

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This Versace model also has a black design, but is made more eye-catching by the gold patterns and chunky leather strap. This kind of watch is not an accessory, it is a feature, and therefore such a dynamic design should be coupled with a simple yet elegant outfit, offering a clean canvas on which this watch can have a huge impact.

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This watch from Maurice Lacroix is less overt in its style, but is no less attractive as a result. The rich leather strap contrasts beautifully with the white watch face, but the slanted numbers that sweep around the angular edges of the face make the design all the more eye-catching.

When and where to wear them

Depending on the style and design of your luxury watch, there will be certain occasions or outfits with which it will look more appropriate. A delicate, intricate gold watch might look better paired with an evening or cocktail dress than a black leather strap would, whereas it might not suit a work environment.

A watch should never detract from the overall look of your outfit, but instead should enhance it. Some watches will stand out more than others, so having your watch as a feature will sometimes look great; this will depend entirely on your clothes, style and the occasion. Every individual watch is different, so try it out with whatever you plan to wear, and see if you feel it ties in with and enhances the way you look and feel.

With so many different options available when it comes to luxury watches, it is easy to find a model to suit you. They are an investment in elegance and style, and will serve as a perfect heirloom piece to last through the ages.


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