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I want to buy a ladies' watch as a gift

Article date: Tue 27th July 2015 03:32 PM
I want to buy a ladies' watch as a gift

For birthdays, achievements and big anniversaries, a watch can be an ideal present for a lady. Depending on her style and the occasion for which you are buying, different watches will be suitable as presents, so you need to think carefully about the woman you are buying for and the reason for buying. If you find something to suit their personality and lifestyle, you might just pick the perfect gift.


For the student who is about to graduate and make their way in the world, a classic watch that is suitable for job interviews ? and, with a bit of luck, work ? will be ideal. This will firmly welcome them into their new adventure, and give them something that will convey professionalism as well as personality.

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This Skagen watch is a perfect example of such a watch, with a clean and minimalist design all over (even including the unstitched leather strap), and versatile colouring to keep it looking smart. The large watch face is made to look even bigger by way of the incredibly narrow casing, as well as the choice of bright white in the colouring.

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Alternatively, this model by Calvin Klein shows off a lot of personality with the unusual layout of the watch face. The simplicity of the rest of the design keeps the watch looking totally professional, but the quirky layout injects a sense of playfulness as well. It is still totally versatile, with a rose gold and white colouring that is very easy to match with a variety of looks.


To commemorate a big achievement at work ? a promotion, a huge new contract, a significant step in a new direction ? a sleek and uber-professional watch will make a great present. Something really grown-up and sophisticated will fit the bill nicely and is guaranteed to stay stylish for years.

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This watch from Rotary has a very attractive, rich brown leather strap as well as a clean, simple watch face. This is a delicate, vintage-styled watch that will look very at home on the wrist of a confident woman. The combination of the champagne-coloured face with a strap that is so rich it's almost red makes it an eye-catching model, but it is still subtle enough to suit an office environment as well as a social event.

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Vintage charm is the name of the game with this Limit watch. The gold bars linking the strap to the face give this design an almost Victorian quality, which is complemented by the elegant black-and-gold colour scheme. This watch is very slim, measuring just 22mm at its widest, and so it will look perfectly at home on a smaller wrist.


To mark a big important occasion, like a wedding anniversary, a beautiful watch is an ideal option. Something delicate and ornate will work nicely, especially if it exudes a classic and timeless quality.

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This Bering watch is perfect, since the bracelet is made up of circular links decorated in a white and gold colour scheme. The minimal watch face is petite ? almost the same size as the links ? which gives the overall impression of a bracelet. The white and gold colouring is very easy to match with a range of other colours, so you're sure to get plenty of use out of this elegant timepiece.

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This model by Sekonda is almost Victorian in its ornate design, with an elegant, undulating strap and a mother of pearl, oval face. This is a perfect watch for both blending in and standing out, since the colour is subtle enough to work with almost anything, while the design is eye-catching and intricate.

Key to the door

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Turning 21 is a big event in a young lady's life, so if you're looking for something to commemorate this occasion, a glamourous watch will make a perfect gift.This watch by DKNY is ideal, since it is fun and pretty, but also very smart and sophisticated. The contrasting silver and gold design is especially appealing, and the 39mm wide face ensures it makes a bold statement on her wrist.

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When it comes to feminine glamour, who better than Michael Kors? There are so many gorgeous designs to choose from, making this range perfect for picking a gift for the young woman in your life. This elegant, yet slightly quirky Chronograph watch has the benefit of a royal blue strap as well as a jewelled casing. It also has a date counter, but still manages to look uncluttered and elegant.

Key to the door

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For the ultimate in playful and sophisticated watches, Betsey Johnson has a range of gorgeous timepieces. The delicate, feminine colouring of this watch makes it versatile, while the structured and dynamic design of the case and face makes it a bold model. This is the perfect watch for a confident young lady, ready to make her way in the world.

Personality is everything

Of course, when it comes to buying a watch for someone, there is something more important than the occasion that you have to consider: her personality. For a shy, introverted woman, a big brash watch might not be the one she would choose herself, and for someone who spends most of her time outdoors, something delicate and dainty might be impractical. Think carefully about her personality and lifestyle, and this should point you in the right direction.

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If the woman you are buying for is particularly sporty, for example, there are lots of options from which you can choose, from the big and bulky to the slim and discreet. This Casio Baby-G model measures a whopping 44mm at the case, and has a chronograph feature, as well as being water-resistant up to 100 metres.

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Alternatively, this Garmin activity tracker watch can connect via Bluetooth to her laptop or tablet, keeping a record of her step count, calories burnt, distance travelled, and many other statistics surrounding her fitness. It is very lightweight and slim, so will fit seamlessly into her exercise regime.

Buying a watch as a gift for the lady in your life needn't be a tricky business. Whatever your budget, you can find something that combines style and quality with functionality, and is appropriate for both the occasion and the lady herself.


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