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I'm interested in a... classic watch

Article date: Tue 27th July 2015 03:32 PM
I'm interested in a... classic watch
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For certain occasions, and certain outfits, only a classic watch will do. At a formal event, when you're dressed in all your finery, an elegant yet understated watch can be the perfect finishing touch. These types of watches are usually quite minimalist in design, which keeps them timeless and versatile, so you can enjoy wearing them for years to come. A good quality classic watch is not just a purchase, it is an investment.

Timeless style

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A simple leather strap will, stylistically, stand the test of time. It is unlikely to ever go out of fashion, and so contributes to the timeless quality of a classic watch. This Royal London model is particularly elegant, with its sleek black leather strap, and delicate baton hour markers. The lack of embellishments makes it a versatile design, perfect for nearly all occasions, so you can be sure to get plenty of use from it.

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Similarly, Citizen's Eco-Drive has the perfect blend of past and present. Solar-powered, its high tech insides are offset by the old-fashioned, almost quaint style of the numbers on the face. Meanwhile its richly-coloured, vintage-looking leather strap is contrasted beautifully by the gold-plated casing and the date counter is positioned so as to maintain perfect symmetry.

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A classic alternative to numbers is Roman numerals. This touch of charm can maintain a timeless appeal, as is evident in this Seiko model. Set against such a simple design, these numerals give the watch a sense of class, making it extremely elegant and versatile.

Something special

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Leather straps come in a whole range of different styles, so if you are looking for a classic watch that makes a difference, why not investigate some of the more unusual designs? Leaving the strap unstitched is a very popular trend, as can be seen by this Rotary model. In addition to the rectangular shape of the watch face, the leather is sleek and unpunctuated by stitching, creating a very clean line.

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That's also the case with this watch by Junkers. Its dynamic black design is made all the more minimalist by the lack of needlework across the leather, and this simplicity is offset beautifully by the bold choice of black and gold. Despite the eye-catching nature of the colour-scheme, this remains elegant and classic.

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If you're looking for something chic and timeless, yet still a little bit quirky, the Mondaine Helvetica might do the trick. The light and neutral tone of the strap really emphasises the clean white design of the watch face, making this at once both understated and striking.

Stylish in silver

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If you're looking for a metal watch that retains that classic allure, silver-coloured watches may just be perfect. Silver goes with pretty much everything, so you can be sure to get a lot of use out of it, and it is easy to find something that is timeless. This Bulova watch, for instance, is beautifully symmetrical, with the simple baton numbering giving it a clean and uncluttered appearance. It's complemented by the slightly busier design of the strap, which has a textured pattern extending all the way round.

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The Skagen Klassik is a delicate alternative, measuring just 22mm at the case. The watch face is similarly clean and uncluttered, but the addition of diamantes around the circumference makes it more feminine and perfect for a special occasion.

Golden girls

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When it comes to glamour, sometimes only gold will do. There are a few options available here, of which rose gold is perhaps one of the most popular. Giving the metal a delicate, pink-ish shine, this is a gorgeous option for a classic ladies' watch. This Sekonda model, for instance, has a dainty, narrow bracelet strap, and the understated face is made chic by the inclusion of diamante studs. This would be perfect for someone with narrow wrists, since it brings a lot of style and sophistication in a relatively small package.

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Alternatively, the Pulsar Dress watch is a bit larger, measuring 33mm at the case, but it has a slightly more discreet design. The simple rose and white colouring extends across the face and the strap, and the dial itself is clean and uncluttered. Its delicate shades will blend beautifully onto your wrist, making the watch look more like a continuation of your arm rather than an addition to it.

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For that classic gold colouring, the Timex Indiglo Easy Reader is perfect. The sloping shape of the strap makes the watch look streamlined and elegant, and the positioning of the date counter contributes to the symmetry of the watch face. All in all, it's a delicate and sophisticated timepiece that is sure to be just as stylish in years to come.

A classic watch will never go out of style, and a good quality model is sure to stand the test of time. Combining minimal designs with delicate and flattering colours, these watches are the epitome of sophistication.

Designer style for less

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Not all designer products cost a fortune. Many designer watches are available at very reasonable prices, so you can look your best without breaking the bank. Lipsy have a huge range of watches available which are inexpensive yet stylish, including this one. The rose plated casing looks luxurious, and the white strap is offset beautifully by the jewelled design of the watch face. The alternate numbering also makes it an interesting watch aesthetically, so it is sure to grab people's attention.

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Additionally, Caravelle New York have many watches that are low in price but high in style, such as this elegant black and gold one. This bangle watch is sleek and understated despite the bold colour scheme, largely due to the simplicity of its design.

Designer style is certainly achievable on a smaller budget, with plenty of brands catering to the lower end of the price spectrum. No matter how big your budget, there is a designer watch to suit you.

Designer watches of all different styles and shapes can transform any outfit, from casual and relaxed to formal and glamourous. With something available for every budget, it is easy to find something that will suit you perfectly.


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