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Which watch to wear for any occasion

Article date: Tue 27th July 2015 03:32 PM
Which watch to wear for any occasion
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Different watches suit different occasions, so it can be hard to know what look to go for when you?re dressing up for work, a night out, or a formal event. There are no hard and fast rules as to what is right or wrong for each situation, but there are certain guidelines you can stick to in order to stay on the right side of stylish.

The office

If your day-to-day work is in an office environment, you will need a certain type of watch to wear while you?re there: one that suggests professionalism as well as a sense of identity. Your work watch should be comfortable, since you wear them so frequently, and so a leather strap is often the best bet. They should also be very clear and easy to read, helping you stay on time!

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Olivia Burton watches ? including this one - are ideal for this, with symmetrical, minimalist designs and subtle, yet often unusual, colour combinations. The textured detailing on this one?s strap gives it an interesting edge, while simplicity is maintained by the lack of stitching across the leather. The shape is also quite dramatic, contrasting a very narrow strap with a 30mm face, so it can still make an impact despite the subtlety of the design.

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Royal London also perfects simple chic, with an added touch of vintage charm thrown in for good measure. This slim watch has a textured strap and minimal baton numbering, which, when combined with the brown leather and off-white face, has an old-fashioned yet attractive appeal.

The night out

At the end of the week, when all you want to do is let your hair down and have a good time, you should be wearing a playful yet totally stylish watch to complement your look. For a night out in town, which watch you choose will depend on the venue.

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If you?re off out clubbing, you need a watch that will show you the time as visibly as possible so you know just how late you?re out partying. This Velox model would be perfect, since it has a large digital display but a sleek and simple design. It is also totally versatile in its black and silver colouring, so you can match it with pretty much anything!

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Alternatively, a cocktail bar is the perfect place for something that is classic, but with a slightly playful twist. This Michael Kors watch is a perfect example, with a large, elegant watch face and a more unusual double strap, making it very attractive and well-suited to an informal yet glamourous venue. The watch face measures a whopping 41mm at its widest, but the neutral colouring stops it from looking bulky.

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If your night out involves something a little bit different, like bowling, you might benefit from a really informal, patterned watch. Cue Swatch, whose vast range of designs include everything from stripes and spots to animals and food. This striped model is perfect for the more casual night out, with the playful design and hand-written style of numbering.

The day at the races

When it comes to the races, we all know that bigger is better. This counts for hats, earrings and ? of course ? watches. (Maybe not your heels, though ? think of the grass.) Such an occasion calls for a watch that is bold, dynamic, and capable of making a real statement on your wrist.

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This Bulova watch is a great example, with enough bling and beautiful rose gold detail to stand out from the crowd. It is also a clever little number, with mini dials showing the day and date as well as simply showing the time. It has enough bling to make it ideal for such a glamourous occasion, but the delicacy of the jewels themselves stops it from looking too showy or ostentatious.

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The beauty of this Emporio Armani model is in the strap, where the Armani logo has been built into the bracelet. This takes a minimal and clean watch face and transforms it into something eye-catching, yet classic. Such a bold design is counter-balanced by the feminine colouring, and since rose gold is really easy to pair with a range of other colours, this watch is incredibly versatile.

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Where dynamic watches are concerned, Calvin Klein reigns supreme. Watches like this one do so much more than tell the time; they act as a focal point of your outfit, and show off your personality as well as your fantastic sense of style. Indeed, telling the time seems a secondary consideration of this watch, since the number hands are incredibly petite, occupying a minimal space in the very centre of the watch face.

The romantic dinner

Be it a first date or an anniversary, making an effort for that special someone can start with the watch you wear. Something delicate and feminine will be ideal, and both metal and leather straps can work.

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This DKNY watch has everything you need, with the pretty combination of white and rose colouring, as well as the ring of diamonds around the watch face. It is also narrow and sleek, so will look dainty on any wrist. Rose gold is a really feminine-looking metal, making it a perfect choice for a big romantic occasion.

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This Marc by Marc Jacobs model has the trademark ?MARC? numbering, but overall the design is clean and minimal. The brown strap is versatile, so it will work with a huge variety of outfits, whether you?re having a candle-lit dinner in a restaurant or a more casual meal at home.

When and where to wear them

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If the occasion or venue calls for it, a more ornate and vintage styled watch might be ideal. Vivienne Westwood has a collection of very intricate and pretty designs, including this one. The casing almost resembles a mirror, and the splash of pink in the face offsets the grey beautifully, keeping it feminine, but slightly daring too.

The wedding

If you are a guest at a wedding, you need something that conveys a respect for the importance of the occasion, but nothing that will pull too much attention away from your outfit (or, worse yet, the bride). Classic is the best style here, since the happy couple will want their photos to be timeless, and you can contribute by wearing something with that kind of everlasting elegance.

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This Boccia watch is delicate and simple, yet the rose gold details give it an extra special element that makes it perfect for a wedding. The neutral colouring makes it very versatile, and it is subtle enough to blend beautifully into any outfit.

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This Sekonda model is similarly beautiful, with a slightly larger watch face, but no less style and elegance. The diamonds at the 12 mark give it a real sense of glamour, but the simplicity of the rest of the design ensures it is still an understated kind of beauty.

If this is your big day we are talking about here, then nothing less that perfection will do. Of course, the dress is the focal point of your outfit, but your overall appearance can be transformed by your accessories ? watches included. (Just remember, it might create a nicer fluidity between your different items if they are all the same colour, so consider the colour of your ring when you are picking out a watch!)

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This Rotary model has a delicate and beautiful bracelet strap, and the diamond-encrusted face is small, yet overflowing with style and sophistication. The baton numbering keeps things simple, so while it is a stunning timepiece, it won?t overshadow the dress. It measures just 15mm at its widest, making it a really petite watch with all the glamour of something much bigger.

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For the ultimate kind of understated beauty, look no further than this 9 carat gold Accurist watch. The strap is so dainty, it has that barely-there kind of appeal, while the oval face is clean, simple, and elegant. Many wedding rings are gold, so if you?re looking for something to match your ring, this might be the perfect choice!

Whatever the occasion, there is a watch that will work perfectly. However, the colour and style of the outfit you are wearing is just as important as the occasion itself, so consider all things together very carefully, and this will help you find the right watch for you.


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