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I want to buy some ladies' jewellery... where do I start?

Article date: Tue 27th January 2015 03:32 PM
I want to buy some ladies' jewellery... where do I start?

When it comes to buying jewellery, either for yourself or the lady in your life, there are so many options available that you are bound to find something to suit you. From big costume items to the more soft and delicate pieces, you can match up your accessories to complement your style perfectly.

However, with so many options comes the difficult decision of just what kind of jewellery you want. Now, different occasions will call for different items, so make this one of your first considerations, along with the rest of your style ensemble.

For every lady, and every occasion, we know there is a piece of jewellery that will work wonders. This guide will help you learn how to discover yours.


Earrings can instantly transform the way you look, whether you're going for a soft and natural look or something more dramatic and glamourous. While many people often just distinguish between studs or dangling earrings, there are a lot of styles that can take your look up to the next level.

Studs are perhaps the most versatile style of earrings, since they can work for both an everyday and an occasion look. Small, plain studs will work with anything from jeans and a t-shirt to a cocktail dress, so every jewellery-wearing woman should own a great go-to pair of plain studs.

Image 1

For more special events, you can still rock some stud earrings, but perhaps one with a bit more pizzazz than your everyday ones. 'Cluster' style studs (like these pink Ted Baker ones) can help bring out the different colours and shades within an outfit, while they are still small enough to be a subtle addition to your look.

When it comes to your hair, studs can work with an elegant up-do, and in this instance many people like to pick 'statement' studs - like the ones above - to draw attention up towards their hair.

Hooped earrings can be a nice segue between studs and dangling earrings, since many hoops occupy the middle-ground in size. Of course, you can get really large hoops, too, so however bold you're feeling there is a hoop to suit you!

In terms of dangling earring, the possibilities are endless. From feathers to 'chandelier' styles, you can be as outrageous or subtle as you like. Dreamcatcher-style earrings work beautifully for a bohemian, hippy look, whereas jewel-encrusted chandeliers can take your evening look to the next level.

For further inspiration, take a look at Watch Shop's full range of earrings here. If you want more information to help you pick the perfect pair, we've got a few more hints and tips in our dedicated guide.


Throughout history, necklaces have featured as part of both everyday and ceremonial dress styles for men and women, and nowadays you can pick something to suit every outfit and look.

When it comes to types of necklaces available, they range from pendant to chain to chunky to chocker... the list goes on. The point is, no matter what you're looking for, there will be something perfect.

Image 1.2

Again, both occasion and outfit will help determine your options. A simple outfit in terms of colour or pattern could benefit from a big chunky necklace with lots of bold shades, so look out for something like this Lipsy necklace, with a large block of Aztec-esque designs offset with an understated chain. This would really stand out paired with a plain white shift dress, or something similarly classic.

For more detailed outfits (or for many formal events), a more delicate necklace might be more appropriate. In this case, look out for chains with that barely-there kind of appearance, with just the smallest of pendants to complement your outfit. Rose gold is very popular for formal looks, so a slim, rose gold chain would be a great choice.

If you want to check out Watch Shop's full range of necklaces, they are all here. For extra help in choosing the right one for you, there is more information in our guide.


This is a pretty broad category, since 'wrist wear' can mean both bracelets and bangles and all the smaller styles within those two, making an almost endless number of variations. Bangles are more fixed - a complete band of metal that slides over your wrist and has no set fastening. Bracelets, on the other hand, have a more fluid structure, and so can be altered to fit a certain size wrist. Since bangles don't have this option, check the size carefully before you buy so you know you've got a perfect fit for you.

Bangles can suit any look; the different metals will work for more formal events, whereas bangles made from a range of synthetic materials can be perfect for jazzing up a more casual look. As well as the plain band style, you can also get bangles with different structures and shapes, so you have the opportunity to really show off a bit of personality. Overall, they are a pretty versatile choice.

Bracelets have the major benefit of being flexible in structure, and can sometimes therefore look a bit more delicate. There are bracelets for both smart and casual outfits, ranging from the bright and colourful to the slim and subtle.

Image 1.3

More formal bracelets typically come with a clasp fastening, much like you would find in the majority of necklaces, or a bar hook. Casual or quirky ones might have a belt-style fastening, like this Skagen model, or alternatively have elastic fitted so they can just stretch over your hand onto your wrist.

With bracelets and bangles, you have the opportunity to stack them on your wrist, wearing as many or as few as you want. You needn't even just stick to one or the other, so depending on what outfit you're rocking you can pick and choose the perfect items to complete the look.

Take a look at all the bracelets and bangles on offer at Watch Shop, or use our guide to help you pick the right ones for you.


With both necklaces and wrist wear, you have the option of picking a chain and a variety of charms. There are hundreds of charms available, so you can choose the exact combination that will perfectly reflect your individual style and personality. Charm bracelets or necklaces can look really elegant with just one or two charms on them, or really fun and interesting with a lot - the choice is yours!.

Don't believe how many different charms there are? Let us show you our huge range here.

If you want to learn more about how to style these perfectly, we've got all the information you could need in our guide.


Whether you wear one single ring or stack them up on every finger, rings are a fun and versatile way of styling up your look. With so many different types available, every woman has the option of a ring that will really suit her.

Some bands are thick and chunky, whereas others are very slim and delicate, so you can find something you like whatever your style preference. Similarly, you have a choice in terms of decoration. Many rings come with a single stone set on top of the band itself, whereas others have jewels embedded within the band; others don't have any embellishment at all.

There are variations in terms of metal, too. Silver, gold, and rose gold are the three main colours available, and many rings are made in a two-tone style, combining two (or sometimes more) of these coloured metals to create something really dynamic.

Image 1.4

You can also find rings that would come under the broad category of 'costume jewellery' - i.e., made with quite theatrical embellishments that make them really stand out as an accessory.

This Swatch Bijoux ring is a great example, since it has a cluster of brightly-coloured stones that look as though they could fall off at any second. With a simple, classic outfit, this ring would be really eye-catching.

You can peruse Watch Shop's full collection of rings here, whereas our handy guide can help you pick out one that is perfect for you.


Of course, it would be impossible to mention ladies' jewellery without talking about pearls! These can feature in all of the main categories of jewellery, so it is easy to find a pearl item for every occasion.

Image 1.5

Jersey Pearl's range of items really showcases how versatile pearls are, looking just as elegant in stud earrings as they do in layered bracelets. They also come in a range of colours - this pendant necklace demonstrates how classy pearls can look even in bold, deep shades, like navy.

The most fashionable women in history have all appreciated the power of pearl jewellery, from Jackie Kennedy to Coco Chanel. With the enormous collection of pearl rings, necklaces, earrings, charms and bracelets available, following in their footsteps couldn't be easier.

The world of ladies' jewellery is fascinating but can seem a bit daunting at first. Once you have figured out the look you are going for, as well as the event or style you are dressing to suit, finding the right items can be really easy. Every woman can look her best with the right accessories, so let our hints and tips help you find the perfect jewellery for you.

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