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How to style up your necklace

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How to style up your necklace

Finding the perfect necklace for your outfit doesn't have to be tricky, and nor does matching your necklace up with your other accessories. The sheer amount of necklaces available means there is one for every occasion and outfit, so consider vital things - like neckline and colouring - and you can ensure that your style is spot on.


What kind of necklace will work with your outfit will depend on what kind of neckline your top or dress has.

Halter-neck tops can be tricky, since there is often little room to accommodate for the straps of the top and the chains. However, if you do want to wear a necklace with a halter, pick something very simple that will rest just above your cleavage. Otherwise, you risk having too much detail in quite a small space.

For V-neck tops, it's very simple: pendants will follow the line of the 'v', and will therefore be extremely flattering. Whether your neckline is a very deep 'v' or stops relatively high up, look for a necklace with a pendant that will fall around the point of the 'v'.

Tops with rounded necks are the easiest to pick necklaces for, and pretty much anything goes here, from chokers to long beaded designs.

If your top or dress has a very high neckline, even a turtleneck, then short necklaces will not be particularly flattering. Instead, opt for long ones with a lot of detailing around the bottom. This will help to elongate your torso, creating a long line from the high neck down to the end of the necklace.

For a collared shirt, try a relatively short necklace with a statement pendant or design that will sit neatly beneath the collar. This will also add detail and dimension if your top is quite plain, and can be a simple style solution if you are wearing the shirt to work.

For strapless outfits, or sweetheart necklines, very delicate and minimal necklaces are usually best. The aim of such necklines is to leave the collarbone and neck exposed, so covering them all up with heavy necklaces might detract from the overall look.


Different necklaces will be appropriate for different occasions, and so it is important to consider what kind of event you are dressing for when you pick out your jewellery.

Image 9.1

Simple pendants like this one by Shimla are ideal for everyday wear, and will also look very at home within a working environment, even if you've got a dress code. It is very subtle, and the colouring is versatile, so you can wear it every day without it clashing with very much at all.

There are three elements of this pendant that make it easy to style up: the jewels, the pearl, and the gold chain. You can pick out any of these in your other accessories to create a sense of continuity in your outfit, for example with gold earrings, a pearl bracelet, or a diamond ring.

Image 9.2

In contrast with the discreet, subtle style of the Shimla pendant, although this Oasis necklace has much of the same colouring it is definitely more of a statement necklace. This one has a lot of busy detailing on it - it also includes pearls amidst the many beads and chains - but is perhaps best as a statement piece rather than as one of a collection of items.

It could work with casual outfits as well as with a cocktail dress, so long as the colouring of the whole outfit is kept quite simple. That way, this necklace can really stand out as a focal feature. The colouring will really complement summery shades and pastels, and will also lighten up a darker winter look, making it an incredibly versatile item despite the unique design.

For eveningwear or black tie events, a necklace with a bit of drama might be your best bet. Depending on the style of outfit you are going for, this could be anything from a rich colour to a dynamic pattern. Patterned outfits will benefit more from a single, bold pendant, whereas outfits with one block of colour may be enhanced by a vivid and detailed necklace.

Image 9.3

This necklace by Kit Heath represents the former, since it makes a statement of the large azure glass pendant by leaving the chain very simple. The purple is rich in shade, and so if there is any purple in the main body of the outfit this necklace would really bring it out nicely. It is glamorous enough to work with very formal outfits, but its classic design means it can also look good with a more casual style.

Image 9.4

When it comes to drama, you can't get much better than this ornate pink Lipsy necklace. Embedded within the intricate design are small stones that bring an extra element of sparkle to the overall look, and with so much detail going on it is bound to turn heads wherever you wear it. Since the design has a lace-like effect, it will perfectly suit the formality of a black tie occasion, while the vivid pink colouring ensures it shows off plenty of personality.


Colours are so important in styling up your jewellery, as you can use the colour of your necklace to tie together different parts of your outfit.

If you are wearing other jewellery, it is always a good idea to stick to one colour metal. Therefore, whether you're wearing white, yellow, or rose gold, keep to this in whatever jewellery you go for. The exception to this will be if any of your items have two-tone metals, in which case you can either mix and match between the two or choose to accentuate one over the other.

Other accessories

When it comes to the overall outfit, try to match your necklace to something else you are wearing, whether it is an accessory - such as your bag or belt - or your shoes. This will create a really nice link across your ensemble, and keep you looking coordinated.

Necklaces need not be hard to style. By thinking carefully about the neckline of your outfit, you can pick a necklace that will suit you perfectly, as well as accentuating all the right parts of your overall look.

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