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How to style up your bracelets

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How to style up your bracelets

Bracelets make a really great accessory, especially if you pair them with the right outfit. Different bracelets will look good for different occasions, so consider the venue and the event to help you figure out what to wear and when.

We're going to take you through a few different events and scenarios, suggesting the kind of outfits you might want to go for, and which bracelets would be perfect. Hopefully, this will help you identify the perfect bracelet to complete your look.


While you're working nine to five, you still want to look your best, and accessorising with the right bracelets can really help you achieve that, even if you've got a strict dress code to stick to.

Imagine you've got a full day of important meetings, so you've combined a blouse with either a skirt or trousers. You want to look professional, yet still show off a bit of your personality, whether your tastes be more towards the delicate and dainty or the bold and dynamic.

Image 5.1

A great place to start would be this DKNY bracelet. It is very slim, and so won't stray into the territory of bracelets that are more suited to a night out, while the stud and bar fastening keeps the design interesting. The colouring is also very subtle, so you can still attain a polished and professional look, and match it to almost any outfit.

Silver goes really nicely with deep, bold colours, so a vibrant red blouse or pair of rich navy trousers would look great with this bracelet.

The benefit of a bracelet like this is that it transfers well from work to evening-wear, so if you're leaving work in a bit of a rush and don't have time to chance your bracelet, this will still look perfect with a dressier evening look.

As this is a silver-coloured bracelet, try not to combine it with any gold jewellery, especially not on your hands. If you have any gold rings, they may not go so well with this one, so aim for other silver accessories to create a more consistent look.

Casual lunch

If you're off out for a leisurely lunch with friends, you may be aiming for a smart-casual look, perhaps in jeans and a t-shirt. In this instance, similarly smart-casual jewellery, like a charm bracelet, might work best.

Image 5.2

Whether you're creating one yourself with charms picked especially for you, or rocking a ready-made one like this Lipsy model, a charm bracelet oozes personality. This design is very pretty and feminine, with a combination of pink, gold, and white charms fixed onto a gold chain.

Given the colouring of this bracelet, you could complete the look with other gold accessories, or a pink lipstick. Since one of the charms is pearly, this could also work nicely with a pair of pearl earrings, or even another bracelet with pearl details.

The intricate detailing of this design means that it will work best as an accessory with a reasonably simple outfit, although the floral motifs mean it could complement a similarly floral dress. If you want it to really stand out, team it with block colours (like a plain white t-shirt and black jeans), or for a softer ensemble match it with other pastel shades.

If you're creating your own bracelet, all of these ideas will still apply - pick out one colour to coordinate with any of the other elements of your outfit, (lipstick, eyeshadow, hairpiece, etc.), to create a real sense of continuity within your look.

We've got a few hints and tips if you want any more information about picking out a charm bracelet - take a look through our guide here.

Drinks with the girls

If you're off out to a nice bar for a night with the girls, chances are you're looking for an outfit that is both glamourous and playful without being too formal. Let's say, for example, you've picked a black cocktail dress. Which bracelet will look best with this?

Image 5.3

Against the backdrop of a black dress, you can afford to have a lot of fun with your accessory choices, so this dynamic, curved rose gold bangle will be perfect. It is bold enough to stand as an accessory in its own right, but will of course match other rose-coloured jewellery beautifully.

The textured effect makes the design really interesting, as does its curved structure, and therefore it can really make a statement as an accessory without having too much detail.

In terms of styling, other rose shades are obviously ideal for finding colours that match. However, since rose gold is often paired up with either yellow or white gold to create multi-tonal jewellery, you can mimic this by picking one or the other for any extra accessories. For example, you could pick a silver or white handbag, or wear a gold ring for a contrasting look.

With an occasion such as this, it is all about bold choices and statement pieces, so look for things that can stand out from your overall look without being too fussy in their design.

Date Night

Whether it's a first date with someone new or an anniversary meal with a long-term partner, almost every woman wants to look her best for a romantic night out. Whether you're off somewhere informal, or you're dolled up in your most flattering dress and heels, an elegant bracelet can be the perfect finishing touch.

Image 5.4

Black and silver go with so many different colours, so a bracelet like this one by Fossil could be the ideal accessory for a date night outfit. It is easily adjustable, and so requires minimal effort, giving you one less thing to think about when you're trying to impress.

The heart pendant in the centre of the band can be a nice way to reflect the romance of the occasion, although since it is relatively petite it won't look at all tacky. The stones in the pendant will reflect the light really nicely, and also make it an easy bracelet to style up - try pairing this will some diamond earrings.

The strap is very delicate, while it is also made very dynamic by the bold colouring, making it a really eye-catching yet pretty accessory.


A wedding is a real opportunity to get really dressed up and looking your best - so long as you don't outshine the bride, of course! With this in mind, many people opt for dresses or other outfits with bold patterns and colours, and if this is the case, you will need a classic and understated bracelet to match.

Image 5.5

You can't get much more classic than pearls, and so to complement almost any wedding look this delicate gold plated bracelet by Shimla Jewellery would do the trick. The chain has that barely-there kind of look, allowing the single pearl to take pride of place on your wrist as the stand-out feature.

Gold is extremely versatile, and so you can pretty much guarantee that this bracelet will match any wedding outfit you've picked. It will bring a really subtle sense of sophistication to your look, making it ideal for such an occasion.

Even with a less patterned outfit, a similarly subtle bracelet will be ideal. The photos taken at a wedding should ideally last a lifetime, and so you want to make sure that your look will stand the test of time when captured in the pictures.

A busy or heavily detailed design of bracelet could anchor your outfit in a certain time period, whereas something classic will look just as elegant in fifty years as it does now. As such, aim for a bracelet that is chic and sophisticated, and that matches what you're wearing perfectly.

Whatever occasion you are dressing for, it is easy to find a bracelet that complements your ensemble whilst looking really stylish. By matching it with the right colours and other accessories, you can make sure your bracelets and bangles are always an essential part of your look.

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