To help you get started with your new watch purchase, we include the correct instructions with every watch we ship. In most cases this is enough information for you to learn the operation of your watch by yourself. But, there are some very complex models out there where the operation is not as obvious as one would hope. The first course of action is to search our knowledgebase for an answer.

We are proud to employ staff who are very knowledgable about the watches we carry, but, as a stockist of over 5,000 different models, it is not always possible for us to know the workings of every watch that we stock. For this reason, if you have a specific question about the operation of your watch, it may be quicker for you to contact the manufacturer of the watch directly by yourself. Manufacturers are glad to help consumers with problems such as these, and contact instructions for them can be found in the instructions or booklets that were supplied with your watch.