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Often we will get enquiries from customers saying the second hand on their watch does not quite line up with the second markers around the outside of the dial of the watch. This usually means it is a fraction degree out. This is almost always within manufacturing tolerances, and occurs on almost all watch brands to a certain degree. As this is written, we have a Swiss made Tissot limited edition with the second hand every so slightly out of alignment. A slight innacuracy of the hand alignment is always possible, and we do not deem this to mean that the watch is faulty or has a manufacturing defect.

The reason this occurs is because the parts which move the hands of the watch are all controlled by mechanical parts, e.g. springs and gears. The stopping point of these components vary slightly after the manufacturing process due to the 'breaking in' process. This does not mean that your watch will become more gradually misaligned over time, it just means that it is impossible to predict with perfect accuracy whether a second hand will line up perfectly after it has been manufactured.

When purchasing a new watch, especially one of high value, it is quite easy to stress over the most minor of innaccuracies - however please be assured that minor hand misalignment is absolutely normal and is even evident in high-end swiss brands such as Omega.

Having read this, in cases where you are unhappy with the alignment of the hands on your watch and you feel that they are "further out" than you expect, we will correct this for you by replacing the watch for another model which is perfectly (or as close to as possible) aligned. Please make sure that you do not wear the watch or remove tags and packaging before returning the watch as this is not considered to be a fault.

If the watch has been worn, the manufacturer MAY be able to improve the alignment - and if you wish them to attempt this you can contact the manufacturer directly to ask for their opinion.

Furthermore, if you are particularly concerned about this aspect of your watch, feel free to make a note in the comments section of the checkout, and one of our pickers will ensure you receive a watch that has hands aligned as perfectly as possible.


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