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If you are finding that the chronograph in your watch is not zeroing correctly, please follow these instructions before returning the watch to us or the manufacturer. It is highly likely that the watch needs calibrating:

Quite often at Watch Shop UK, customers return watches to us claiming that the chronograph on their watch no longer resets correctly. i.e. the dials no not go back to zero when the time is reset.

This is, in almost every case, just a simple matter of calibrating the chronograph. Very rarely is this a case of the watch being faulty.

Instructions on calibrating the chronograph should be included in your watch instruction manual, however general instructions of setting the chronograph in your watch are:

Pull the crown out fully, then keep pressing the top bottom to adjust the top dial until it reaches zero, and then the same with the bottom button to adjust the bottom dial. On some chronograph watches, you may need to pull the winder out just one click to adjust a specific dial.

Following these instructions, you should be able to set your chronograph watch to the correct "zero point".

People often accidentally "uncalibrate" their chronograph by pressing buttons when the winder is out, or after a battery change the watch often needs zeroing.

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