When using the standard checkout, after entering your credit card details you may be redirected to another screen which asks for further personal details such as your date of birth. This is a new scheme called 3D-Secure which is set up by the banks to allow you to completely validate your order and reduce the risk of your card being used fraudulently. Although this stage is currently optional, it will be compulsory for all internet sites before 2009. To ensure a quick and smooth processing of your transaction, please take the time to complete this verification step. All personal details entered here are 100% secure and are only seen by your bank. They are not viewable by us or any other party, or stored by anyone. This system is often referred to as the "online chip and pin" and will soon be common place for all internet orders.

This scheme is currently only operational for Visa and Mastercard, but it may be in operation for other types of card in the future.