A cherished wristwatch, the dramatic landscape of Scotland and its industrial heritage inspire Kartel's approach to watchmaking, harking back to a golden age with a singular aim. To produce the modern classic watch.

Kartel is inspired by the landscape and traditions of Scotland, combining a proud industrial tradition and a deep connection and affinity with the land, with the aim to create products with an industrial heritage that take inspiration from this unique landscape and seek to place them firmly in the 21st Century.

All products are designed in Scotland with each watch borne of a meticulous design process, built to accompany you across the years while acquiring a unique character and the memories of a life lived to the full, ready to be cherished by he next generation.

"We'll supply the watch, the memories are up to you."

Lewis Collection

The starting point into the world of Kartel watches, the Lewis collection sets out the stall with a comprehensive range of strap, case and dial options centred around the elegant Kartel silhouette. The genuine leather strap, classic, refined case profile and minimal dial design excel as an ideal palette to dress up.

With options like rose gold or a black dial, teamed with a range of brown tone genuine leather strap, or more conservative navy blue or black, gives an 'everyday essential' label to the timepieces. Shop The Collection   

Hume Collection

Kartel's Hume collection centres on a shimmering sunray effect dial adding an eye-catching element to an already dazzling timepiece. From understated silvers & greys to a gorgeous green sunray option, and winning rose gold, royal blue, black sunray scheme, the Hume collection of watches maintain the minimal dial design allowing the dial itself to shine.

Straps are kept minimal also with clean cut genuine leather in sympathetic tones and matching hardware. Shop The Collection   

Haig Collection

Encompassing a diverse range of options, the common elements of the Haig collection include a contemporary dial design featuring a date window and subtle hour markers and an edge stitched genuine leather strap. Cases alternate between rose gold and silver while off-white, blue and black dial colourings take us off the beaten track.

Add in a range of heritage straps colours, tan brown, warm grey, navy blue and racing green, and the possibilities really come to life. Shop The Collection   

Kendrick Collection

The more contemporary of the collections, the Kendrick, and Kendrick Mesh, watches opt for darker tones and monochrome schemes. Key pieces include the all black models, with a genuine leather or fine chain mesh strap option, offering a beautifully restrained wristwatch.

The Mesh models add a further element of luxury to the collection with fine chain mesh straps coordinated with the head and minimal dial featuring a date window and 'written' hour markers. Shop The Collection   

Tarbert Collection

Incorporating authentic Harris Tweed into the strap, the Tarbert collection brings home Kartel's Scottish roots with a unique spin on its watch silhouette. Contrasting the elegant, finished head with an earthy, textured Harris Tweed strap is a hugely successful match that is key to Kartel's initial offering.

Available in 4 shades of tweed, from solid browns to blues, check grey to herringbone, the head uses a minimal style featuring a clean, simple design featuring a date windows and quirky 'written' hour markers. Shop The Collection   

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