Our extensive range of jewellery metal materials cover all styles and tastes, from classic gold designs through to latest trends, such as white gold and rose gold. Each material has its own unique features, meaning there's a perfect piece for every jewellery lover. Whatever the occasion, or whoever it's for, Watch Shop has something special, to suit any fashion taste.

Rose Gold


The Watch Shop selection of rose gold jewellery contains beautiful items that would make a special gift for a loved one, or even for yourself. Gold is one of the most popular metals used in jewellery creation throughout history. In its pure form, however, gold is typically too soft to be used by itself as it scratches too easily, so is most often alloyed with a second base metal. In cases where the alloy base metal is copper and is 25% or more of an eighteen-karat gold, this is called rose gold. The copper brings out a redder sheen to the warm tones of the gold for a pinkish cast. Rose gold jewellery is often found in antique pieces and particularly those from Russia. The coppery cast is distinct but does not dominate, with the yellow of the natural gold still the primary hue and the copper adding a pinkish tinge. We sell a mixture of 9ct rose gold and plated rose gold jewellery.

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Gold jewellery has been around for millennia, with the earliest example discovered being dated back to approximately 4,600BC. The natural properties of gold make it both easy to work with and attractive to look at, while the relative rarity of the element means it retains a sheen of luxury. Pure gold is malleable, making it easy to work with, yet it is also unreactive which means it does not tarnish. Pure gold or 24K gold is a soft metal which is most often alloyed with other metals during jewellery creation, resulting in pieces that are usually 10K, 14K, 18K or 22K. The most commonly used base metal is copper is it helps retain the reddish tint to the gold. Alloys helps to alter the hardness and ductility of the gold for higher standards of jewellery production. We sell a mixture of 9ct gold and plated gold jewellery.

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White Gold


Gold has been used in the creation of jewellery since the dawn of civilization, with items of gold jewellery from around 6,600 years ago having been discovered. In its purest, twenty-four karat form, gold is a very soft metal that is easily scratched. For this reason, most gold jewellery is made with alloys, where a base metal is combined to alter the ductility, hardness, colour and other properties. White gold is created when the base metal is palladium, silver or certain other white metals. The quality and value of the white gold depends on the base metal used and the karat rating. Palladium alloys, for example, cost more than nickel alloys, while high-karat alloys are more valuable as they are more resistant to corrosion than sterling silver or pure silver. If you'd like to browse other colours of bracelets, rings and necklaces, see our collections of silver, gold and rose gold jewellery.

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With so many stunning pieces here in our collection of silver jewellery, you're certain to find something that matches your style. And if you decide silver isn't quite the shade for you, you can find designer bracelets and rings in all kinds of other metals. Silver is a precious metal with properties that have made it a popular choice for jewellery making since around or even before the time of ancient Egypt. While silver is more abundant than gold, it is much rarer as a native metal and is usually found alloyed with another base metal. The purity of silver is therefore measured and given as a rating, known as how 'fine' the silver is. In modern jewellery making, sterling silver is most often used. Sterling silver is an alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. This particular alloy has a lower melting point and is harder than pure silver. Many pieces of sterling silver jewellery are later finished with a thin plating of .999-fine silver as this creates a luxuriously shiny finish. Other pieces may be plated with gold or rhodium. We sell a mixture of sterling silver and plated silver jewellery.

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