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Ingersoll is the True Original American Watchmaker, with heritage dating back to 1892 in Michigan. The brand was born during an era when artisans handcrafted timepieces and where craftsmanship and innovation were a given. Today's consumers still embrace Ingersoll's brand legacy that maintains a firm stand for quality, accuracy and affordable luxury. Ingersoll is globally recognised for many 'world firsts' in reputable watchmaking. It brought us the first luminous watch in 1920; the Radiolite that 'told the time in the dark'. The first dollar watch launched in 1899 and in 1933 the world's first Mickey Mouse watch contributed towards global success. The company gained a worldwide reputation when Theodore Roosevelt was famously referred to as 'the man from the country where Ingersoll watches are made'.


The True Original

Shot on location in Austin, Texas, a series of photographs were produced using a large metal plate and silver iodides, as well as a 100 year old lens, to show the rare art and heritage of the brand.

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1892 Collection

Celebrating the year of Ingersoll's birth, 1892 is the heart of the brand, a collection showing the very essence and spirit of the founding Ingersoll brothers, and showcasing the quality, accuracy and affordable luxury.

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Taking influences from all aspects of sport lifestyle and exploration, this collection embodies vigorous and functional watch for today's demanding lifestyle.

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Heritage collection is inspired directly by original designs from the archives, paying homage to the artisans and craftsmen behind the brand.

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Since the original meeting between Walt Disney and Robert H Ingersoll in 1933, Ingersoll has worked with their favourite brands to offer exciting products to its consumers.

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Radiolite was the first watch with luminous hands, the watch famously marketed as 'The watch you can see in the dark'. This is a reissue of the design and style of this watch, with modern watch making materials and quality.

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Robert H Ingersoll and his brother Charles founded the Ingersoll Watch Company, one of the oldest American watchmakers. The Ingersoll brothers were pioneers of industry and invention in the field of watchmaking. They devised and followed an ambitious plan: to offer Ingersoll watches to the general public at an affordable price, whilst maintaining real quality and credibility.
Based in New York City, each watch was initially produced by hand, but in 1892, thanks to Henry Ford, Ingersoll succeeded in developing an automated production line for pocket watches and wristwatches.
With high quality production, precision components and the very reasonable price of $1.00 (a day's wages at that time) the so-called 'Dollar Watch' was born. The Dollar Watch was so popular that over one million were sold.
The Ingersoll Watch Company grew with the demand and made new advances in watch manufacturing; developing the functions and features of Ingersoll watches to create:

The smallest existing pocket watch.
'RADIOLITE': the first glow in the dark watch.
The first ever military watch, which was designed with the involvement of the armed forces.
The first character watch, which was commissioned by Disney to feature Mickey Mouse.
Ingersoll watches have been sold continuously since their inception and today the Ingersoll brand is renowned the world over. Ingersoll continues to maintain the ethos of the Ingersoll brothers and is proud to present a new range of quality, precision timepieces.


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