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When the date on the calendar is only a week or two into November, mince pies and tinsel are already lining supermarket shelves. And with decorations and tasty pastries comes the inevitable gift buying for loved ones ? ready to make another Christmas morning memorable.

They say diamonds are a girl's best friends, but there's a whole range of other stones and metals in the world of jewellery and watches, that can put a huge smile on her face. We'll showcase a range of items in a world of colours, to suit all kinds of budgets, so you're able to pick out that perfect piece.

Where to start

If you're starting from scratch when buying gifts for women, with not much of an idea what to buy, then don't worry ? we'll provide the Christmas inspiration you're searching for.

The first thing to consider is the type of occasion you'd like the recipient to wear your gift to. Do you want to buy something for her to wear at work, through the day, or perhaps a real showstopper to wear proudly to more formal occasions?

Also, make a note of her favourite colours. Does she prefer silver to gold jewellery? Also, keep an eye on the colour of clothes she wears and think how a piece of jewellery could complement them.

Whatever the case, we've broken down this guide into two handy sections: watches and jewellery to buy on a budget, and pieces to buy that will take pride of place when she's wearing her very best outfit.

Beautiful and budget-friendly

If you've set yourselves a tight budget this Christmas, there's no reason to knockdown the quality of the item you buy.

A good way to save money on a watch is to buy your special lady a piece for everyday wear rather than a watch she'd wear for special occasions. These pieces are often a little cheaper because they don't contain as many precious stones, which could potentially fall out during the rigours of day to day life.


Olivia Burton Ladies' Brown Dial Watch

There are a host of watches available for smaller budgets, and from various well-known watchmakers too. The London-based watch designer, Olivia Burton, makes a range of simplistic but gorgeous timepieces that will subtly blend into any workwear dress code.

We've picked out the Ladies' Brown Dial Watch here ? its shades of fawn, bronze, and gold perfectly match the colours of autumn and winter, making it an ideal Christmas present.

The face is elegant and the strap has a touch of vintage flair about it. All in all, it's piece that has a timeless quality to it, that'll match any occasion you take it to.


When it comes to jewellery, you're also able to buy pieces that look great either in the office or when the person you're buying for is out and about at the weekend.

The key here is to bridge the gap between functionality and style. You want the recipient's eyes to light up when they open the present, but you also want to make sure that it's not going to get damaged easily during the hours that it'll spend being worn.

Links Of London Jewellery Ladies' Sterling Silver Dream Catcher Bracelet

This Dream Catcher Bracelet from Links of London is made of sterling silver ? despite its attractive price tag ? and has a real hippy vibe about it. This is largely down to the dream catcher itself, which is the focal point of the piece, but also the thin silver chain that resembles a fabric band.

Despite the piece being intricate upon close inspection, it's also capable of being subtle when worn, as it's a slim piece of jewellery ? not too big or chunky enough to cause a clash.

Orla Kiely Jewellery Ladies' Rose Gold Plated Flower Stud Earrings

Blending together the underrated colour combination of pale green and rose gold, this pair of Orla Kiely earrings are practical, yet beautiful. With the rose gold having a bronze shine, they're something different to the more popular yellow-gold tones.

As they're studs rather than drop earrings, this makes them particularly good for wearing at work, as they're not likely to catch on anything, and will also align better with most workplaces' dress code.

Something a bit special

The special person you're buying the gift for may already have a whole drawer full of everyday wear, and the thing they're lacking may be a real focal piece ? an item to wear proudly to parties throughout the year.


There's a sure-fire way to light up the lady's eyes on Christmas day with a watch: pick out a sparkly piece designed to help make her feel like a million dollars.

Michael Kors Ladies' Kerry Watch

And that's very much the case with this Ladies' Kerry Watch from Michael Kors. There are so many stones decorating the face and strap, which are sure to catch the light in just about any room.

All the golden features are perfectly matched by a mother of pearl face, which takes the quality and look of the piece to another level.


Our top tip for a statement piece of jewellery is to look for something that is capable of being a real focal point on any outfit ? generally a piece that's big, eye-catching, or both!

Thomas Sabo Jewellery Ladies' Sterling Silver Pendant

Teaming up the colours of turquoise and silver, this Thomas Sabo pendant has a wonderful air of symmetry about it, which makes it very easy on the eye.

It's sterling silver too, so the quality of the piece very much reflects the price, while the sleek accompanying presentation box will only add to the delightful surprise when she opens the wrapping paper on Christmas morning.

Although starting from scratch can seem like a daunting place to be in the world of gift buying, we've given you two sure-fire avenues to venture down: everyday and occasion wear. Once you factor in the lucky lady's style and colour preferences, you're on your way to a Christmas winner!


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