Guide to shopping on Watch Shop this Black Friday

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Black Friday, we meet again. The largest shopping event of the year is back to treat us to an indulgent dose of retail therapy once more. To celebrate, we thought it was about time we let you in on a few shopper secrets.

Here are our killer tips to scoring the best Black Friday watch and jewellery deals on Watch Shop.

  1. Create a shortlist

Seen more than a few items that have your pulse racing? Make a wish list of your favourite finds using our short list function. This can be accessed by clicking the heart shaped 'Add to shortlist' icon underneath the product picture. Creating a short list means you can easily pounce as soon as discounts hit. Email the shortlist to yourself for easy access.

  1. This handy search trick could save you money

Time is of the essence when you're caught up in the Black Friday rush. This search trick could save you bucket loads of browsing time.

Let's say you're on the hunt for a women's black Casio watch with a metal bracelet and an analogue dial. Just looking through our category page could take some time.

We've designed the left-hand filter bar to make searches like this really quick. It has over 10 filter categories: things like strap type, movement, water resistance, colour, gender. This will pull up all the results listed with those specific features. It's a great tool for narrowing down results quickly.

The best part is you can bookmark that narrowed-down page (like our Casio example above) ahead of time and revisit on Black Friday. So if you really want a specific look at a bargain price, it's easy to have.

  1. Research with our Most Popular items

Come armed with a plan when the clock strikes Black Friday. Research all the things that deserve a place in your jewellery box ahead of time so you can score the items that you want without any hassle. Not sure where to start? Check out our most popular items for inspiration.

  1. Keep an eye on discounts at the top of the page

Keep your eyes peeled for discounts promoted across the site and note them down so that you've got them to hand when it's time to hit the checkout. These can usually be found on banners at the top of the site and under the Black Friday deal section.

  1. Look at our buying guides for gift ideas

Gift buying on Black Friday can be tricky if you don't have a strategy. Check out our buyer guides for inspiration. These may trigger Christmas present ideas, saving you precious time and money over the festive period.

  1. Sign up to our e-newsletters

Keep in the loop with all our offers and discounts by signing up for our emails. Doing this means you can be in-the-know as soon as discounts are released, ensuring you're on top of every trick.

  1. Don't give up hope when it's not in stock

Item gone out of stock? Don't give up hope just yet; it's worth waiting a little bit longer. It could be someone has added it to their shopping cart but no longer wants to buy it. It could become available. We can't promise anything, but it's always worth checking back just in case. You can also check our related products and view similar styles of the watch on each product page.

  1. Bookmark our Black Friday section ahead of time

Shhh, let's keep this our little secret, shall we? We're starting Black Friday early this year... Head over to our sale section and bookmark it so you can head straight to it when the Black Friday discounts come flooding in.

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