Reward points

You will no longer receive Reward points on all purchases. Our Rewards points scheme is ending on 31st July. Until then, Reward points will still be automatically spent on your next purchase when you are signed into your account. From 1st August, all Reward points will no longer be valid and will not appear in your account.

Discount vouchers

Discount vouchers are offered to customers in certain circumstances, and for special offers and promotions. They may be found in our newsletter on occasion. Sign up here.

  • You can apply a discount code/voucher in the cart screen.
  • You can only use one discount code/voucher at a time per order.
  • All discount codes we offer are classed as the same, so basket emails and codes sent to customer act as one code.
  • Actual money off discount vouchers have a neglibile redeemable value (£0.000001)
  • Discount vouchers must be used within their expiry date.
  • If the site rejects your discount voucher then it is classed as invalid.
  • From time to time external sites may advertise discount vouchers for this website - We cannot guarantee the authenticity or validity of discount vouchers on external sites.
  • Where you select delivery to an EU member state other than the UK, the discount will be apportioned across the goods supplied by Watch Shop and the deilvery services provided by Watch Shop Logistics Ltd.
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