Can the relationship between DETOMASO and the people our watches are made for be explained? The subject of men and relationships appears difficult to explain. However, it can be done. We just need to take a look at Argentina, whose strong male culture has spread throughout the world. This exotic land is where our namesake Alejandro De Tomaso was born.

He was able to perfect the masculinity that he was born into, since Italy, a country where male culture is still prevalent, was to become his second home. Cars, competing against others, standing out from the crowd, in Italy, the "macho habitus" is still alive and well. It is a country where qualities such as pride, confidence and strength of character shape the maturing process of a real man: everyone knows that real men are not just made overnight.

This is DETOMASO's guiding principle, since the development into a real man plays a large role here at the home of our brand. Located in the centre of the Ruhr area, Germany (Germany's blue collar heartland), where hard work, an honest word and a handshake still have value, real male virtues are honoured. It is a place where a straight back is respected more than a sideways glance, where corners and rough edges still represent character, where the roots of industrial culture still lie. This is the proud home of DETOMASO watches.

Nowadays our home is cosmopolitan and multi-faceted, just like the modern man that DETOMASO represents. These men wear their masculinity confidently on the outside, purchase alternative products as a matter of course, and exude strength not just from a honed physique but also with an open mind. As a result, they never forget where they came from.

Men who work this way are not interested in hierarchies or corporate status, they are like-minded friends. At the pool table, in a bar, at a barbecue, in an engineering firm or in a workshop, they can be found anywhere that real men are at work, calmly embracing their masculinity. They are instantly recognisable: they sport a DETOMASO watch on their wrist.

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