Daniel Wellington watches

With mysterious origins and unmistakable style, Daniel Wellington has taken the watch world by storm since 2011. Each Daniel Wellington piece is highly customisable with interchangeable straps, while the face design showcases the very best in simple, minimalist design.

Swap between vintage-inspired brown leather, ultra-modern black fabric, and nautical stripes whenever the mood strikes – there's good reason why Daniel Wellington has gone viral. With quintessentially British character and undeniably contemporary style, it's the perfect way to wear today's London look, every day.

See what else Daniel Wellington has to offer, with a variety of watch shapes, colours, and materials to choose from:


The Daniel Wellington story is veiled in mystery, with only snippets and whispers about its whimsical beginnings. But one thing is for sure: Daniel Wellington is an international success story.

The start

While travelling the world, Filip Tysander met a British man named Daniel Wellington. He wore a vintage watch on a NATO strap, which sparked an idea…

The idea

Filip noticed a gap in the market for a certain type of preppy, minimalist watch. Taking his personal savings from previous business ventures, he created Daniel Wellington in 2011.

The take-off

Rather than market the watches in a traditional manner, Filip recognised an opportunity on Instagram and used influencer marketing to get his brand's name into the mainstream. Now, the account has over four million followers.

The journey

As of 2014, the brand had sold over a million units, and in 2015, the company's revenue totalled $170 million.


The Daniel Wellington collection is the hottest choice on the accessories scene right now. Chosen by celebrities like Kendall Jenner, along with the hottest social influencers all over the world, Daniel Wellington watches are a must-have. But despite the huge fashion appeal, the design retains an ageless style that means anyone can wear a Daniel Wellington watch – whatever their age and price range.


Get inspired to choose your Daniel Wellington watch with tips and advice from the styling experts at Watch Shop.

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