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Splashproof or Swimproof

Article date: Tue 27th January 2015 03:32 PM
Splashproof or Swimproof

Let's face it, no matter how well kids intend to look after their timepieces, they will succumb to the general wear and tear of the playground and the park at some point. So kids' watches have to be able to cope with a knock or two, but what about water resistance?

From jumping in puddles after a heavy downpour, to a full-blown dive bomb into a swimming pool, kids will need a watch that can withstand a splash or two. There are two main choices when it comes to water resistancy: splashproof and swimproof. We can help you to determine which is best for you.


Watches with this level of resistance to water can handle an average bit of English rain, as well as hand washing. So if it's just day to day wear that the watch will endure, then a splashproof timepiece is more than enough. Just make sure the kids don't accidentally go swimming with it on, and you'll be fine.

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Kids need to have a splashproof watch from an early age, and this model from Moshi Monsters fits the bill nicely. Its rubber strap and plastic casing means that it wipes clean easily (water or anything else!), whilst the funky numbers and popular characters will keep a smile on the wearer's face all day.

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There's a beautiful simplicity to this children's watch from Timex. With almost all the colours of the rainbow represented on the face, coupled with the pink and purple colour scheme on the bezel and strap, this is a splashproof watch that will undoubtedly look great both indoors and out in the elements.

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For the aspiring outdoors type, a splashproof watch is pretty much essential to the muddy fields of pastimes such as orienteering. With a murky green and black colour scheme, and containing even a compass, this Cannibal timepiece fastens with a soft and sturdy fabric strap - so it's comfortable to wear on your wrist when cross-country running or climbing up trees!

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The colour scheme of this Lifemax timepiece is as bold as they come - the shiny stainless steel bezel encases a watch face which is a beautiful blue, coupled with striking yellow and black numbers. The strap is rubber, which means any water that does get on the watch won't be absorbed, so it's fully prepared to go up against your average downpour.

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Splashproof models are also available for kids of young ages, and let's be honest, they're probably the most prone to accidentally falling in a puddle, for example. This Tikkers model is ideal for any footy-mad kid, and can cope with all the knocks and splashes that go hand in hand with contact sports and general tomfoolery.


Watches that have swimproof levels of water resistancy can withstand a full dunking in the bath, the sea, or swimming pools; however, a diver's watch is required to really get down to the depths. With kids who go for a casual bit of breaststroke or a paddle in the sea on holiday, a swimproof watch should serve them perfectly well.

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This Sekonda model features a classy colour scheme that mimics the older, adult styles. For this reason, it's a popular choice with the older kids, who are steering away from the younger, more vibrant colours. As it's swimproof, it can cope with a few casual swimming lessons on a weekend - no need to leave this piece in the lockers.

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Showing that children's watch designs can be as funky as adult styles, this model from Limit is just about as cool as they come. With a stark contrast between pink and white, the swimproof quality is a bonus to its striking appearance. Like the Lorus model, it also benefits from a handy wipe-clean rubber strap.

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As a top of the range model, you'd expect this Scuderia Ferrari model to be able to handle a bit of water - much like the Formula 1 cars. Aside from its water resistance capabilities, the sleek black design with a touch of yellow and traditional Ferrari red is as sporty and classy as can be.

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If bright, bold colours are the order of the day, then look no further than this Ice-Watch model. Its sturdy case houses a brightly coloured watch face - a real statement piece that's sure to be the envy of the classroom. It also has a rubber strap, ensuring that it is resilient enough for everyday usage.

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This Lorus swimproof children's watch comes in a gorgeous two-tone blue colour scheme, with a white face and a silver casing. Aside from it being swimproof, it's largely made of plastic and rubber, meaning that any water that does go onto the watch is easily wiped clean, and it will stay looking as sleek and professional as ever.

Deciding between a splashproof and a swimproof watch is largely dictated by what the wearer will get up to, once it's on their wrist. If the biggest load of water a watch will face is the size of an average raindrop, then splashproof will fit the bill. However, if we're talking about an aspiring swimmer here or likewise, then only swimproof will do.

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