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I am interested in girls' watches, where should I start?

Article date: Tue 27th January 2015 03:32 PM
I am interested in girls' watches, where should I start?

One minute they're born; the next, they're walking, talking and learning how to tell the time. If your little one is currently in the process of finding out exactly what the big hand and the little hand are all about, she'll need a wristwatch to have the time right at her fingertips.

So, what should you look out for in a girls' watch? There's the colour to consider, along with materials, shape, brands and more! But not to worry, we're here to help you decipher the ins and outs of the most popular trends when it comes to buying a watch for a young girl.


 Similar to adult timepieces, children's watches come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There is the standard round-shaped watch face of course, whilst there are also squared and even heart-shaped varieties too. Whilst a watch's primary function is telling the time, it can also be a real fashion statement as well, so be sure to get a little creative!

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This model from Hello Kitty features a watch face in the shape of a heart, complete with a pink and black polka dot strap. The ever-famous cat is emblazoned right in the centre of the piece, whilst the addition of a little cupcake adds to the unique charm that only a watch with heart-shaped face could provide.

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Another option is to go for a square or rectangular-faced watch – a common design in adult female timepieces. This model from Cannibal fits the bill nicely, with flowers embroidered on a chunky blue strap, which compliments the shiny stainless steel casing that houses the face. Meanwhile, the black hands and batons add contrast to this otherwise bright timepiece.

Case materials

There are two main types of case material when it comes to kids' watches - metal and plastic. With the former, it's important that timepieces are light on little wrists, as well as being able to cope with the general scrapes and scratches of the playground. You'll find that titanium is also common thanks to its lightness, whilst there are also stainless steel watches available for the older kids.

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Let's face it, when the young ones are just learning how to look after a watch, it's inevitable that it'll end up with one or two bashes at one point or another. This Moshi Monsters model is a cost-effective option, so any scratches won't matter a great deal, plus the gorgeous purple colour scheme and awesome character designs will catch the eye of every average four-year-old.

Image 5.6

This Flik Flak watch has an aluminium casing, which makes it light yet sturdy enough to cope with a bit of general wear and tear. The design of this model also has a classy vibe about it that wouldn't feel out of place on an adult ladies' watch, with a crisp white strap and a shiny two-tone silver face.

Strap materials

As with the casing, there are also options when it comes to the watch strap. Lightness is key here too, so there are a whole host pf plastic-strapped kids' watches available, whereas there are also leather-strapped timepieces for children too. A third option is fabric, which is very warming and comfortable to wear, especially when running around the playground all day.

Image 5.7

This Ice-Watch may be plastic through and through, but it's still a sturdy and robust timepiece. Thanks to the strap material, it's also very light and therefore good for small wrists, whilst the buttercup yellow colour scheme is sure to catch the eye of young girls the world over.

Image 5.8

This Peppa Pig time teacher watch shows that leather straps aren't solely for the older kids, as it's aimed at children who are just starting out with the ins and outs of old Father Time. Parents will love that it's an aid to time tutoring, whilst the kids will love the pink colour scheme, not to mention the ever-recognisable Peppa Pig right in the centre of the face.

Image 5.9

The third choice is fabric, which is a comfy and warming strap material – great for active kids. This Sekonda model is a prime example, with a sleek black strap which fastens with hook and loop; whilst the face is a bold pink, making this timepiece a real statement on the wearer's wrist.

Extra features

Image 5.10

Children's watches can come with a handful of extra features, which can be extremely useful. An alarm, for example, will (probably) ensure that they're never late for a school lesson ever again, as well as a date function to prevent them from getting their weekdays and weekends muddled up.

Take this Lorus model for example – a gorgeous shade of purple, with a comfy and secure rubber strap. It's also swim-proof however, which ensures that it can withstand more water than your average bit of drizzle, meaning that kids can take it swimming with them if needs be.

Image 5.11

The extra features don't have to remain on the watch though; this Little Miss Sunshine timepiece is accompanied by a keychain and a purse. The little ones will be completely kitted out in Mr Men gear with this one!

No matter what your little star is looking for in a watch, there are the options out there to appease every personal taste. From plastic to aluminium, round to square-faced and all the colours under the sun, there's a timepiece to match every age - from their first day at school, to the day when they finally buy their first adult watch.

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