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I am interested in boys' watches, where should I start?

Article date: Tue 27th January 2015 03:32 PM
I am interested in boys' watches, where should I start?

Somewhere in the midst of being football mad, climbing trees and singlehandedly creating full loads for the washing machine, young boys will have to spare a moment for learning how to tell the time. With that comes the responsibility of wearing a watch – not just having your favourite cartoon character emblazoned on the front, but also learning how to look after it too.

We'll talk you through everything you'll need to know about when it comes to choosing a watch for a young lad, from the popular colours and styles, to which materials are best for comfort and withstanding some inevitable bumps and scrapes in the playground.


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Nothing suits a boy better than a bit of army camouflage and this Sekonda model hits this ever-lasting fashion trend right on the money. The black and white details on the face help to contrast the green and brown of the strap, whilst it fastens with a smart, shiny silver buckle.

If you're buying a watch for quite a young child however, then this Moshi Monsters timepiece ticks a fair few boxes. The bright colour scheme and funky characters will appeal to the kids, whereas the durable and easily cleanable plastic and rubber casing and strap will definitely be popular with the parents.

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The majority of kids' watches come in classic round forms, but there are other options which give the traditional look a run for its money. Rectangular and square-faced timepieces have become increasingly popular over recent years, as well as shapes such as oval and tonneau (which is like a square but with curved edges).

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Take this Cannibal children's watch as an example, which has an octagonal face. The digital output represents a real retro look these days, whilst its unique design work on the strap bodes well with its distinct shape to create a really fashionable bit of wrist wear.

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To give an example of a round-faced watch which should catch the eye of parents and children alike, here is this Limit model – which is bright red! Yes, it's about as bold as they come, but it's also both sturdy and light, which means that it can accompany every child on the swings and slides with no problem at all.

Case materials

When considering kids' active lifestyle, it's good to spare a thought for which materials can stand up to a few knocks. Plastic represents a cost-effective option, whereas titanium is sturdier. Both, however, are very light, so are very suitable for little wrists.

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This Tikkers model has a plastic casing which houses all the important workings of the watch face and what's more, the green and black colour scheme gives off a super-cool look. As the casing is plastic, it works in harmony with the rubber strap to create a watch that is both extremely light and comfortable.

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Strap materials

As is the case with the choice of materials when it comes to the casing, there is also a decision to be made when thinking about the watch strap. All three options bear weight in mind, as plastic, fabric and leather are all light – perfect for scaling climbing frames and kicking a football around the park.

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This plastic-strapped Ice-Watch is as cool as they come, with a sleek looking black exterior, contrasted by the crisp white details on the face. The strap also fastens with a snazzy silver buckle and is relatively thin, which means that it won't get in the way during schoolwork.

Fabric straps are also popular on kids' watches thanks to how comfortable they are. This Timex model comes with a camouflage colour scheme, with brown, green and white detailing on the face. The plastic casing on the face also adds to the lightness that the fabric strap provides, whilst it's comfy to wear throughout the whole school day.

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The third option when it comes to strap materials is leather, which you'll commonly find on adult watches too. This Peppa Pig time teacher watch is a great aid in tutoring kids in telling the time, whilst the leather strap provides a vibe of quality and luxury which is reflected in the sleek colour scheme of blue, silver and red.

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Extra features

Although mainly used for telling the time, a watch can do a whole host of other things these days. Kids' timepieces can include features such as a date counter, an alarm for helping them wake up for school and a date counter too. There are even watches that come with additional items outside the watch face, namely a keychain and wallet set.

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This Lorus model comes with both a date and an alarm. Hopefully, this means that they'll never sleep in on a morning ever again… maybe. An additional feature is that it's splashproof, so it can handle a bit of water no problem. If this watch were to have any more extra features, it'd give Inspector Gadget a run for his money!

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A great example of a watch with a whole host of extra stuff, this Mr Tickle children's timepiece comes complete with both a wallet and a keychain. There's no cooler five-year-old boy than one who's completely kitted out in Mr Men gear!

No matter what a young boy has in mind for a watch, there's a style out there to suit everyone down to a tee. From sporty models to adult style imitators, every age bracket is pretty much covered when it comes to wrist wear fashion. Plus, with features such as time teaching aids and materials which can withstand a few bumps, parents can get a bit of peace of mind too.

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