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Watch straps: Leather, rubber, plastic or fabric?

Article date: Tue 27th January 2015 03:32 PM
Watch straps: Leather, rubber, plastic or fabric?

It might come as a slight surprise to hear that many children's watches come with leather straps, as we tend to think of rugged plastic or fabric that can cope with the scuffs and scrapes that happen in the playground. Although mainly for the slightly older kids, leather-strapped children's watches are a real thing.

Often associated with elegant and classy events, leather-strapped watches can also be playful; children's varieties perfectly embody that. They still have to be looked after though, meaning that they're the ideal gift for an older child who is just learning how to treasure a timepiece.

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This leather-strapped watch from Character is a great example of how leather timepieces needn't be totally serious. With Anna and Elsa from Frozen adorned on the watch face, it's definitely a crowd-pleaser; with a bit of bling encircling the film favourites to make it a statement piece.

The strap itself is a beautiful bright white, which aligns perfectly with the colour scheme of the wintery Disney movie – though be sure to keep this lovely strap out of the mud, or it might not stay white for too long.

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This watch from Hello Kitty has a beautifully purple leather strap, showing that children's watches can be a lot more special with a splash of colour. It makes even more of a statement by having a heart-shaped face, with Hello Kitty herself right in the centre and by also having a small butterfly attached that compliments the timepiece as a whole.


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Rubber watch straps score highly on comfort and durability, so they're great to wear on a daily basis, say, at school every day. They also wipe clean easily – that's a definite plus point for the parents, while they're also very water-resistant (be sure to check the water resistance of each individual watch though), so are a good option for the aspiring swimmer.

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Limit's green and black rubber-strapped timepiece is just about as cool as a kids' watch can be. With a striking colour scheme that wouldn't look out of place on the wrist of Ben 10, its bold numbers also mean that it's a very practical piece, making it easy to tell the time even at a glance.

As the casing is plastic, it's also quite a robust watch that can handle the ins and outs of school life and all the trips and slips that come with it.

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Another bright and colourful example of a rubber-strapped watch, this model from Lorus beautifully combines pink and white to create a watch that would look at home on many a wrist. With its 100m water-resistance, it's not a watch that will be left in the locker room, though it's also attractive enough to be worn outside the swimming pool too.


Although often credited with creating a slightly more casual look, plastic-strapped watches are actually extremely versatile. As such, they are perfect for teaming up with school uniforms or after-school clothes. What's more, they often come in a wide variety of colours, meaning that you can add a little splash of personality to your wrist.

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This Flik Flak model proves that plastic-strapped watches needn't be in all colours of the rainbow in order to look good though, as this black timepiece looks as cool and as sleek as they come. With a relatively small face and the fact that it's made of plastic, it's also very light, which makes it comfortable to wear all day long.

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Plastic-strapped watches can also come in digital form too, such as this Moshi Monsters timepiece. As it's a digital timepiece, this leaves more room on the face for the designers to get creative! With the characters that children know and love emblazoned on the face, as well as the funky colour scheme, the wearer will be the envy of their classmates.


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In recent times, fabric-strapped watches have seen a surge in popularity thanks to their versatility – perfect for both smart and casual wear. They're comfortable too, with fabric being a light and warm material for a watch strap, making it perfect for wearing in long stints.

This Timex model brings together the comfort of a fabric strap with the convenience of a digital watch face. As it's a digital watch, it's probably best suited for slightly older kids;  the colour scheme definitely reflects that, with a sleek silver and black ensemble which is only interrupted by the occasional splash of yellow.

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Another fabric-strapped watch which injects a bit more colour into its design is this Sekonda piece. With a not too striking purple to offset the mainly black design, it's a showy piece that still retains a bit of subtlety. Its fabric strap makes it a watch you can comfortably wear all day too.

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For the younger generation of fabric watchstrap wearers, this Peppa Pig – or George Pig in this instance – time teacher watch fits the bill. As it aids in teaching children to tell the time, it's a great choice for a first watch.

Its fabric strap and plastic face mean that it's a very light watch, which is especially apparent when considering the little wrists which will most likely be wearing this timepiece.

All in all, there are lots of strap options to choose from when looking to buy a kids' watch. They each come with their own benefits and, as such, are all to be considered! In reality, kids will probably choose the watch they want based on which character is on the front, but it's always worth sparing a thought for which materials will wipe clean easily and which will be resistant to an inevitable knock or two.

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