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I want to buy a children's watch... Where do I start?

Article date: Tue 27th January 2015 03:32 PM
I want to buy a children's watch… Where do I start?

Jumping straight into searching for a watch for yourself might seem like a simple task – you look at a few watches and see what you like. But then, there are options such as analogue or digital, leather or fabric strap; not to mention the materials which the casing and face are made of. It's one quandary after another!

Fortunately, there are fewer options when it comes to buying a watch for your kids, though there still remain a few things to consider. The analogue versus digital debate still comes into play, while you'll also have to consider which material is most suitable.

When it comes to the style of the watch, it's largely dictated by the age of who you're buying it for; Thomas the Tank Enginefor the younger ones, Ben 10 for the slightly older kids and a plainer model for the teens.

Types of children's watches

Now, kids' watches are a whole different kettle of fish – you wouldn't see an adult torn between a Peppa Pig model and aMoshi Monsters model, for the most part anyway… So when it comes to watches for children, a good chunk of them are based on TV series or characters, whilst there are also sporty models and more adult-styled timepieces for the older lot.

Coming in two main styles of open and closed, this piece from Unique Jewellery fits into the former category. As it's made of titanium, it feels extremely light on the wrist, as well as still being shiny enough to make a statement.

Sports watches

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Perfect for the aspiring footballers of this world, the Lorus Time Tutor Watch has an easy-fastening hook and loop material strap and a stainless steel case – ideal for all the inevitable knocks and bashes that go hand in hand with playing football and rugby. This watch also doubles up as a time-teaching aid, so it's great for kids who are just getting to know the ins and outs of Old Father Time.

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Another option is this Sekonda watch, which features a similar material strap that's both comfy and light enough to wear on a full day's orienteering or just for a kickabout at the local park. The watch casing is robust and the contrast between the pink and black is striking, representing a pretty cool look for the average 5-15 year old.

Character-themed watches

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Roger Hargreaves' treasured creations have found their way on to almost everything in recent years - t-shirts, mugs, and now you can have your very favourite Mr Man or Little Miss right on your wrist. Well, your kids can at least.

Mr Bump may have bandages, but the plastic casing on this Mr Men timepiece means that it will need no such maintenance – it'll withstand all the trips and falls of the playground. What's more, it comes with a matching key-ring and wallet, so your child can be completely kitted out in Mr Men gear.

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Fans of Peppa Pig also have their chance to sport a bit of Peppa merchandise on their wrist, with this Time Teacher Watch. Not only does it have everyone's favourite pig right in the middle of the watch face, it also has a genuine leather strap – perfect for both parents and kids who are seeking a touch of extra quality in a timepiece. What's more, the time tutoring aspect means that it's a very functional watch and doesn't just rely on looking pretty.

Watches for older kids

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They grow up so fast, don't they? If the Thomas the Tank Engine phase is well and truly behind your child and they're looking to the older generations for wrist wear inspiration, chances are that they'll want something a little more sleek and understated.

This Limit model achieves just that, with its cool silver and black colour scheme that wouldn't look out of place in a spy movie. It's digital too, so if they've fully mastered analogue, they might fancy a change.

Image 1.6

This Cannibal watch for kids is a real fashion statement to have on your wrist. The almost solely white colour scheme exudes the type of class that can often be found on the likes of a Calvin Klein or Karen Millen piece, plus the funky numbers also serve to give this watch a real adult and mature feel about it.

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Although, the ultimate watch for the slightly older generation of kids might just be this Scuderia Ferrari Pit Crew Model. Yes, that's right – the racing division of the well-known Italian carmaker. Some say that just having this watch on your wrist will make you run twice as fast (they don't really). However, its rubber strap is extremely durable and the combination of red, yellow and black just screams Ferrari.

Watch materials

Male ring-wearing shouldn't solely be confined to the wedding variety, as there are many other ways you can get a little creative with your fingers. With many designs that wouldn't pass the wife's approval for a wedding ring, wearing one in your day-to-day life allows you to choose a style that's really unique to you.

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With its stylish purple and white colouring, this Timex children's Ironkids alarm watch is as useful as it is attractive. It comes with a date function as well as an alarm, so you can be doubly sure they will get up in time for school! It also has a stopwatch function, which is perfect if they lead quite an active lifestyle.

Fabric straps

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Rubber straps are very durable – which makes it an ideal choice for obvious reasons. It's also waterproof, which again is ideal, and wipes clean very easily. Considering aesthetics, rubber also presents quite a sleek look which is often popular with children of all ages and genders. From specifically a parenting point of view, watches with rubber straps are also pretty cost-effective – bonus!

This totally slick Tikkers children's chronograph watch has a super-cool black colour scheme, which means it can be worn with pretty much anything. It has a stopwatch and date function, so is easy to play around with and use every day, while the LCD digital display makes it really easy to read.

Leather straps

Leather straps on children's watches carry much the same benefits as on adult watches: they're comfortable, warming and fashionable. As leather is traditionally a sophisticated looking strap material, these timepieces can serve you well for all occasions – both every day and for evening occasions. But that doesn't mean that they're boring – in fact, the selection of leather-strapped children's watches are testament to that.

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This Hello Kitty children's watch is proof that a novelty watch doesn't have to look too outlandish. With a fairly classic overall design, the simplicity is balanced by the Hello Kitty motif in the face, as well as the pretty bow that is fixed to the bezel. It is subtle enough for everyday wear, but still shows off a bit of personality.

Aluminium cases

Aluminium has only recently been thrust into the realms of popularity thanks to its incredible lightness and strength. For kids who are always on the move (that'll be almost all of them then), lightness is pretty much a key principle of any children's watch. In fact, it's integral to any timepiece, as no one wants a huge weight dangling off their wrist.

Image 1.11

For the child who doesn't mind standing out from the crowd, this Donald Duck watch from Flik Flak might just be ideal. The bright and vibrant strap is matched by the design of the face, ensuring that this is a watch that will really get noticed. The strap is fabric, which ensures that it is also totally comfortable for wearing every day.

Plastic cases

A light, yet more cost-effective option is a plastic-cased children's watch. They are also similarly weightless on your wrist, with the added benefit of coming in lots of bright colours! Frequently, they'll be matched together with plastic straps, or for a more comfy feel, material ones.

Image 1.12

This Ice-Watch Ice-Forever model certainly lives up to its name, with a really fresh icy blue colouring. It is very stylish as well as having quite a simple, classic design and since it is water-resistant up to 100 metres, it can withstand any pool-time activities your kids might enjoy.

Even though your kids may be attracted to the first watch they see - often with their favourite cartoon character emblazoned on the face, there are still a few things to consider. They'll need a watch that can accompany them through all the knocks and scrapes that go hand in hand with childhood and be able to suit them during their path to adulthood. Hopefully, we've given you enough info to sit down with your kids and pick out the watch that's right for them.

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