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The watch face: Analogue or digital?

Article date: Tue 27th January 2015 03:32 PM
The watch face: Analogue or digital?

There are two main ways that watches will show you what time it is - analogue and digital. Choosing between them can be difficult as a grown-up, where we're all experts in telling the time in either manner; but which is best for kids?

For children of early ages who are just taking their first steps when it comes to telling the time, it's important that they overcome the somewhat difficult challenge of learning how to read an analogue watch face.

Though, once they've mastered the art, digital watches can be great for knowing what the time is at a single glance and also present a whole different style and fashion – making them perfect for the slightly older kids.


The analogue watch face is classic in appearance and still plays a big part in timepiece fashion today. As such, it's still very important that kids get to grips with what all these numbers and hands actually do – especially at an early age. Fortunately, there are children's analogue watches out there which can aid in the process of time tutoring.

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A friendly face always helps when it comes to learning how to tell the time, which makes this Peppa Pig watch ideal for those who are new to the confusing world of clocks and watches. What's more, it's also a time teacher watch, which means that it acts as the perfect aid to parents who are attempting to show their kids exactly what the big hand and the little hand do.

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Kids who are a little bit older might want something a little cooler; this children's watch from Tikkers fits the bill quite nicely. The warming and easy-fastening hook and loop strap means that kids won't be fumbling over buckles and what not, plus the two-tone blue face and funky numbers keeps this timepiece looking great on many a wrist in the playground.

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Once children are more adept at telling the time on an analogue watch, they might feel confident enough to experiment a little bit more with the design. This Sekonda watch, for example, has batons on the watch face rather than numbers, aside from the 12 and the six. The strap remains in the safe haven of hook and loop however, while the striking pink and black colour scheme creates a real statement.

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For children who have fully mastered the art of telling the time and are ready to move on to the world of digital, this Cannibal watch for children bridges the gap perfectly. With an analogue output which is combined with digital features such as a stop watch and date counter, kids will never have an excuse to be late for a lesson ever again!


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Historically, analogue has always had a tad more significance in the teaching of time to the younger ones. However, showing kids how to read a digital clock is pretty important too, as they'll soon be able to walk out and buy any watch they like when they're a bit older, no matter how it displays the time.

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If your kid's an absolute whizz and has mastered the art of telling the time on an analogue watch at an early age, this watch from Character might just be ideal. Complementing every Frozen fan's dream of being either Anna or Elsa, the princess-like sparkly jewels which surround the watch face make for a gorgeous digital timepiece.

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Coming in a widely-appealing purple colour scheme, this children's watch from Lorus does everything you'd expect a digital timepiece to do. It has a clear and easily readable watch face, which includes not just the time, but also a date function too. What's more, its robust plastic face and rubber strap are ideal for the general knocks of the playground.

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With a sleek black and silver colour scheme, this children's digital watch from Timex is a real cool-looking number – perfect for the average slightly older kid. With a date and even an alarm function too, they'll never be late for a single school day ever again (probably); whilst the fabric strap makes it comfy to wear for hours at a time.

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As many adult watches still come in outlandish colours, you're not confined to solely darker schemes if that's not your thing. This children's watch from Limit is perfect proof of that – boldly blue, with a dash of purple. With a plastic casing and rubber strap, it's also a very light watch to wear, which makes it ideal for active types.

There are a range of options out there in both analogue and digital styles, catering for a variety of ages and fashion tastes. Whilst telling the time is still best taught on a classic analogue watch, digital still very much has a place in the time teaching lessons a parent gives to their children. Being able to tell the time in both formats will enable kids to have a full range of trendy timepieces to choose from for their first day at high school, university and even their first job interview.

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