Certina watches

Certina watches

Certina's sportiest watches boast all the same characteristics of a great athlete: endurance, strength, precision, performance, and reliability. Distinctively styled, Certina crafts timepieces that blend high-quality Swiss engineering that can keep up outside the office too.

Certina is part of the Swatch group, which also includes brands like kids' watchmaker Flik Flak. The Watch Shop collection of Certina watches embraces the brand philosophy for excellence, using traditional, proven watchmaking techniques alongside innovative new technologies across a full range of disciplines. Certina men's and ladies' watches come in both mechanical and quartz movements and express many bespoke styles, from classic to urban.

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Ladies' Certina watch

Ladies' Certina watches

Ladies' Certina watches

Certina ladies' watches are defined by timeless style. Chunky stainless-steel models offer a classic look while ensuring lasting beauty. Extremely versatile, ladies' Certina watches will elevate all kinds of outfits, whether that's a basic t-shirt and jeans or an evening dress.

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Certina was set up by two brothers, where two minds came together to create watches that would emulate the characteristics of top athletes. With over 130 years' experience in quality Swiss workmanship, the brand has built an international reputation and achieved significant milestones along the way.


Brothers Adolf and Alfred Kurth set up their own watch factory at the bottom of the Jura mountains in Swiss town, Grenchen.


Kurth's two sons Erwin and Hans join the company and see it through the Great Depression.


The brand launches the Certina DS Concept – a shock-resistant watch with water resistance up to 200 metres, paving the way for a new kind of wristwatch.


The Certina DS is used on the first expedition up the 8,167-metre high Dhaulagiri mountain in western Nepal. It overcomes strong fluctuation in temperature, high pressure and height with no issues.


The Certina DS is used in the Navy's Sealab II underwater project, where scientists and divers carry out marine research. The Certina DS passes the reliability test with flying colours.


The DS-2 Super PH 500 M is used in the Tektite underwater experiment where four scientists live in two underwater residential tanks for two months under NASA observation.


The Certina joins the newly established SMH Group which is later renamed the Swatch Group Ltd.


Certina takes its sporty watchmaking skills to a new level with the launch of the Cascadeur model, a watch built with a strap that imitates the chain of a motorbike.


Certina debuts as an official sponsor of the Sauber Petronas Formula 1 team. The highest profile of its many motorsport affiliations.


Certina continues to lead and innovate and has maintained an international reputation for brilliance.


Certina has earnt the seal of approval from some of the biggest sport legends, including rallying world champion Colin McRae, heavyweight boxer Muhammed Ali and the most successful biathlete in sporting history, Ole Einar Bjørndalen. So there's no question a Certina timepiece will earn you knowing glances

In fact, its commitment to sport, particularly motor racing, has extended to keeping time for the events themselves. Certina was the official timekeeper for FIA World Rally Championship in 2013 and the official partner of the Abu Dhabi Total World Rally in 2015.

The brand's dedication to quality craftsmanship and high performance has seen it launch watches that have gone down in history for their technical finesse. Certina's passion for Swiss watchmaking combined with its love for technology and sport makes it one of the most reputable watch brands around today.


For more ideas on how to style Certina watches, look at our inspirational guides.

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