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Casio watches hinge on the philosophy of 'creativity and contribution' – innovation pulses through each of the brand's designs. After the launch of the first Casio timepiece in the 1970s, the Japanese company became a leader in the digital watch world. And the Casio empire has only grown./

Today, the brand creates pieces that defy gravity, challenge the elements, and push the boundaries of both style and technology. From ultra-sporty, feature-packed designs to retro-inspired fashion timepieces, you'll find your next watch somewhere in the Casio range has something for everyone.

Casio doesn't stop exploring new ideas – browse some of the brand's other innovative collections.


From humble origins at a factory in Tokyo to household name, the Casio story is one of creativity and innovation. The brand forged its own pathway, equipping the world with new and exciting products every step along the way.


Casio Computer Co., Ltd., is established after Kashio Tadao and his three younger brothers Toshio, Kazuo, and Yukio spend years developing the first compact all-electric calculator.


The brand releases its first electronic wristwatch, the CASIOTRON, which can display hours, minutes, seconds, and days in a month.


The first G-SHOCK, Casio's signature watch, is released and breaks fashion barriers with its robust design.


The Baby-G is released, designed specifically for women, and features fun colours while maintaining the G-SHOCK's robust quality.


The count reaches 50 million+ for G-SHOCK watches shipped worldwide.


G-SHOCK GB-6900 is released, which can link with your smartphone via Bluetooth.


The Smart Outdoor Watch, which uses Android Wear technology, is released.


The world's first watch with a three-way time sync system, the G-SHOCK GPW-2000, is launched.


Casio isn't just a watch brand - it's a brand that defines the watch industry. Innovative, durable, stylish, and always sleek, Casio is a choice everyone can make. Action film heroes (looking at you, Gerard Butler, Liam Neeson, and Tom Cruise), music superstars (Rihanna, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, to name a few) and the billionaires alike (hello, Bill Gates) have worn a Casio. Which just goes to show there's bound to be a Casio watch for you, too.


Learn more about this iconic brand and explore how Casio can help to transform every second of your day.

Under the spotlight - Casio watches
Under the spotlight - Casio watches

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