Summer Jewellery Trends You Don’t Wanna Miss

Summer Jewellery Trends You Don’t Wanna Miss

Jewellery can make or break your outfit so it’s good to know what the hot jewellery trends are this summer. Anything goes as long as it’s uplifting and suits your personality. From minimalist jewellery to statement jewellery, these are the trends that will transform your look in all the right ways.

Oh So Minimalist

When it comes to understated elegance, the Scandinavians have the edge. If you love minimalist jewellery, a simple yet stylish pair of hoop earrings from Skagen is the perfect finishing touch. Pair a Fossil motif bracelet with cubic zirconia earrings set in stainless steel and you have a personalised jewellery combination that will turn heads.

Layer It Up

If you want to know what’s hot in statement jewellery trends, look at what the Italians are wearing. Emporio Armani jewellery designs are on trend and are great for layering. Their collection of trademark bracelets includes chunky leather finished with stainless steel. Stack them up for a standout look.

Clutching Your Pearls

If you’re into pearl jewellery, you’ll love the Agnethe rose-tone stainless steel mother-of-pearl chain bracelet, pearl stud earrings and pearl pendant necklace. Then there’s the Agnethe pearl bracelet. All from Skagen Jewellery and inspired by the sea – what to choose?

Rainbow Jewellery

Rainbow jewellery has made its mark this year with designers going for all things bright and beautiful. The new Swarovski Millenia necklace features a sparkling white, blue, pink or yellow octagon-cut crystal surrounded by Swarovski zirconias. The THOMAS SABO Charm Club Charming Coloured Baguette Hoop Earrings has all the colours of the rainbow in one perfect circle.


Did you know that anklets used to be fashion jewellery for the wealthy in ancient Egypt? Today these accessories are thought to bring luck. They also make a subtle statement if worn on the left ankle, which tells admirers that you are married or have a lover! However, the beauty of anklets is that they can be admired by both wearers and onlookers.

Summer jewellery trends leave you wide open to really wear what you love. Choose what makes you happy. Mix and match. Wear rings on every finger if you feel like it. The only rule is there are no rules! Shop our full range of jewellery for a glam summer.

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