Men’s Bracelet: What’s Your Type?

Men’s Bracelet: What’s Your Type?

Do you want to make a style statement with your accessories, but can’t decide whether men’s bracelets are for you? At WatchShop, we can help you find the perfect piece or even create the perfect bracelet stack with a black beaded bracelet, a chunky bracelet or even a more neutral leather bracelet. In this guide, we highlight popular options and share tips on how to style men’s bracelets.

Chain Bracelets

If you like a bit of understated shine, go for stainless steel. It has just the right amount of sheen without being overly dazzling. Tommy Hilfiger interweaves textile braid with stainless steel for a two-tone effect, while Boss goes for gold by plating their chunky stainless steel bracelet. Weight is determined by thickness so choose one that fits well under a shirt sleeve, and is not too loose.

Boss 1580172M

Leather Bracelets

A leather bracelet for men is the one to try if you’re not used to wearing bracelets. They look cool and convey a sense of relaxation and calm. They’re also a good starting point for stacking, blending well with beaded bracelets for men and men’s silver bracelets too. These options from the Fossil Defender collection and Emporio Armani give you a good idea of what a stack could look like.

Mens Vintage Casual Bracelet

Beaded Bracelets

Vintage (anything older than about 20 years) continues to be a huge trend. So pull out those hip accessories you wore at uni, and pair them with a new design like this beaded bracelet for men from Diesel. It combines semi-precious rough stones with subtle gold accents. For a more polished look, we love the Tiger’s Eye in the Rebel at Heart by Thomas Sabo. The stones are an ode to nature – another trend.

Mens Diesel Beads Bracelet DX1069710

Mesh Bracelets

Gun metal grey is a great colour for a men’s silver bracelet. It showcases the sophisticated design of a mesh bracelet, which also feels amazing against the skin and fits comfortably under a long sleeve.

Gents BOSS Jewellery Mesh Essentials Bracelet 1580039M

Stackable Bracelets

Today the typical men’s bracelet stack is a mix of high and low in terms of price point. When it comes to men’s bracelets, the old rules no longer apply. Mix it up. You can stack high-end gold jewellery with chunky metal bracelets, braided leather bracelets, or different colour nylon bracelets.

Ok, there is one new rule. Choose something meaningful to wear on your wrist. Something fun, playful and oozing personality. Even in the world of power suits, you see more and more men wearing bracelets. Mix it up with some other men’s jewellery pieces and love what you wear!