Best Fitness Trackers for Women

Best Fitness Trackers for Women

What are the differences between a great fitness tracker for women and one for men? That isn't the start of the bad joke. Of course a fitness tracker should accurately monitor your activity through the day, as well as during workouts; it should also help you to keep control over your eating habits; and it should feel comfortable and look great.

But while few fitness trackers are designed for one gender, women may find different trackers cater to their needs better.

The Best Multi-Activity Tracker for Women

Females who take fitness seriously know that a diverse workout is the key to improving and developing. If you want some wrist-based help with that, you need a watch that supports multiple activities, and provides accurate feedback for even the most unusual sports.

Garmin vívoactive 3

Widely considered one of the best multi-activity fitness trackers, the Garmin vívoactive 3 is capable of tracking your fitness across a range of activities, including running, cycling, skiing, swimming and more. It collects heart rate data, provides calorie-burn data, and uses its smart features to give intensity feedback. The battery life lasts up to 8 days, and the strap is designed so it can fit small wrists, with the overall design of the watch significantly sleeker than some of its bulky competitors."

Unisex Garmin Vivoactive 3 Bluetooth Smartwatch 010-01769-05

The Best Fitness Tracker Meets Smart Watch

Those who want to organise their social life as much as their fitness would benefit from investing in a fully-fledged smart watch. Connect the device to your smartphone and enjoy the benefits of a personal assistant by your side 24/7, as well as advanced fitness monitoring.

Fossil Explorist HR, £249

The Fossil Explorist is a great solution for women that would like a fitness tracker with the added benefits of a smart watch. With all the style of a designer watch and the functionality of a smart watch, this model is the perfect accompaniment to your daily routine.

Features of the Explorist include an activity tracker, GPS, Google Pay, heart rate tracking, calendar notifications, social media alerts and alarm clock. With an interchangable watch band and a customisable dial, you can personalise the Explorist to suit your style perfectly.

Mens Fossil Smartwatches Explorist HR Bluetooth Smartwatch FTW4017

The Best Fashion-Forward Fitness Tracker

For those who value style over complex fitness tracking, several leading fashion houses have started to develop smart watches designed to look like a 'real' watch, while providing stripped back smart features, including fitness tracking.

Garmin vívomove Style

"Garmin is an industry leading fitness tracker brand, but those who prefer their watches to be as stylish as they are functional will love the beautiful Vivomove Sport. The minimalist design with subtle metallic highlights and soft wrist band hides smart fitness technology that can integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Unisex Garmin vivomove Style Bluetooth Smartwatch 010-02240-00

Women's fitness watches are available in a variety of designs and with a range of functions that can help to track everything from your nightly sleeping schedule to mountain climbing stats. Explore all of our smart watches to find your perfect fitness time piece.