The Best Kids Watches for Christmas 2020

The Best Kids Watches for Christmas 2020

Kids watches make a magnificent gift for any child you need to buy a gift for this Christmas, plus they have the added benefit of teaching children about planning their day and how to read the time. There are plenty of things to consider when choosing the perfect watch the child in question will love and enjoy: their age, style, favourite colour, and current ability to read time. We’ve picked our top 5 kids' watches which range from luxury Lacoste to suit older children, digital watches techy kids will love and pretty patterned timepieces any little girl will adore.

Best Digital Kids Watches

Digital watches are a great gift choice for kids who love a gadget, or might have some trouble reading the time on an analogue watch. Lots of children’s digital watches also have the added features such as timers, alarms and stopwatches, which will help them get into the routine of waking themselves up in the morning, plus be a noble companion when playing games that include timing.

Sekonda Kids Pink Digital Watch 1767, RRP £29.99

This pink watch would be great for a child that wants something more grown-up looking, almost looking like a baby of the iconic Casio Baby-G. Also, doubling as an alarm clock, timer and with a light that illuminates the time in dark settings, the Sekonda 1767 packs a punch in functioning as more than just a basic kid’s wristwatch.

Sekonda Watch 1767

Limit Kids Digital Sports Watch 5391.72, RRP £20

You’ll make any child feel like a racecar driving with this watch! Combining black and red, this Limit digital sports watch is the little brother of a grown up sports watch. With a stopwatch, alarm clock and hourly chime, this kid's watch also has compass markers so children can learn about cardinal points. It also benefits from 100m water resistance, so kids can splash in the pool wearing this mini timepiece with no problem!

Boys Digital Sports Watch 5391.72

Best Watches for Older Kids

As children get older, they’re more than likely to be concerned about the aesthetics of any watch they are gifted. Be sly in asking how they like to accessorize, or keep an eye on the clothes they always want to wear that are obviously firm favourites in their wardrobe. Find a matching kid’s watch, and you’ll sure be in for a winner in your gift choice.

Lacoste Kids 12.12 Watch 2030003, RRP £49

Yes, there are such thing as designer kid’s watches out there! This Lacoste 12.12 watch, which also comes in black and navy, is a mini version of the adult’s version of the 12.12. Older kids will be sure to show this fresh timepiece off to their friends. With cool crocodile branding, quintessential to Lacoste, treat any child in your life to a designer watch this Christmas and they’ll be falling over to finish their chores in thanks.

Unisex Lacoste 12.12 Kids Watch 2030003

Lorus Kids Watch RRX11GX9, RRP £25

This stylish kids watch from Lorus would perfectly suit a child that loves their sport. Presented in black, red and yellow, the RRX11GX9 has a dive-style bezel and benefits from illuminated hands so the wearer will never be left in the dark in knowing the time. With a cool arrow second hand and clear numerical hour markers, this piece is a brilliant choice for a kid’s watch this Christmas.

 Lorus Watch RRX11GX9

Best Watches for Girls

Whether they’re a girly girl that loves pink or more of a tomboy, there’s plenty of choice for girls' watches this Christmas. If they prefer a neutral look, you can always go for a unisex watch. You can also match their interests to a watch, with plenty of patterned choices out there.

Flik Flak Kids Stripy Dreams Watch FPNP014, RRP £32

Make her dreams come true with the Flik Flak Stripy Dreams watch. Like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, they will love this pretty piece once they rip the wrapping off. With a comfy fabric strap in tones of turquoise and pink, the band is complemented by a green and pink face with a matching rainbow bang in the middle; the perfect pastel watch for girls.

Childrens Flik Flak Stripy Dreams Watch FPNP014

Lacoste Kids Girls Watch 2030026, RRP £49

From designer brand Lacoste, this girl’s watch will keep her wild side at bay; it’ll all be on her wrist! With a pretty pink leopard print strap complemented by a turquoise case, this is a more subtle choice for kids that like to keep it low-key. This watch also features the recognizable Lacoste crocodile emblem.

Lacoste Watch 2030026

Best Watches for Boys

There’s a superb selection of kids watches for boys out there, whether he is a football fanatic or a sucker for superheroes. You can choose a digital watch if you think he would like the added benefit of a stopwatch or alarm, or pick an analogue boys watch with cool adornments, from dragon to dinosaur designs.

Flik Flak Star Wars Darth Vader Watch FFLP005, RRP £45

It’s been a year since the last Star Wars film, however we all know a Star Wars watch will always be timeless. Take him to the dark side by choosing the Star Wars Darth Vader watch by Flik Flak, and the force will surely be with you this Christmas.

 Flik Flak Star Wars Darth Vader Watch FFLP005

Flik Flak Star Wars Darth Vader Watch FFLP005, RRP £45

You won’t be given the red card with the Timex Kids Football watch. This fun timepiece will appease any football fan, with goal posts and footballs featured on the blue strap and a football field dive-style bezel. The hour and minute hands are labelled as such to make this children’s watch extra easy to read. Any boy who receives this wristwatch for a gift will sure cheer for you.

Childrens Timex Kids Analog Watch TW7C16500
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