Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Dad, Father, Vader, Pops, Padre — whatever you choose to call him, he’s arguably the most important man in your life. As Father’s Day looms around the corner, we know that you’re likely looking for the best way to honor the man who introduced you to The Beatles, taught you how to ride a bike and likely subjected you to (way too many) bad jokes.
Since time is the only thing he wants in return for his efforts through the years, there’s no better way to repay him than to gift him a nifty new watch for Father’s Day.

The DIY Dad

That garden shed may be incomplete, but your love for your dad will forever be. If your dad has an affinity for building things and fixing what isn’t broken, then the men’s Casio G-Shock G-Steel Watch is the ideal fit for him. Practical, robust & reinforced with stainless steel, the water resistant G-Shock is perfect for the DIY Dad.

Mens Casio 'G-Shock' Silver and Black Stainless Steel Solar Chronograph Watch

The Hipster Dad

You may not like to admit it, but your dad is a style icon in his own right. For the dad who likes to remind you that your great sense of style was adopted from his, a Casio watch is a great complement to his daily ensembles. This understated timeless vintage Casio watch includes (among others) a chronograph as well as an alarm.

Casio 'Casio -Vintage' Gold Plastic/Resin Quartz Chronograph Watch

The Geeky Dad

If your dad loves all things tech and being immersed in the latest innovations, then he would appreciate the Fossil Grant Automatic Watch. Featuring an attractive Skeleton Dial, Automatic movement and a reliable brown leather strap, this Fossil watch will withstand the test of time and global trends.

Mens Fossil Grant Automatic Watch

The Minimalist Dad

A Daniel Wellington watch is a great match for the dad who wants for nothing and takes pleasure in the simple things. Boasting an adjustable clasp on a classy bracelet, and Stainless Steel case, the Daniel Wellington Petite Sterling watch is designed with minimal taste in mind.

Daniel Wellington Petite Sterling Watch with white dial

The Traditional Dad

There’s no better time to start (or continue) a tradition by gifting your dad a Rotary watch that can be passed on as an heirloom or cherished over a long period of time. If longevity and classic features are what you’re after, then the Rotary Windsor Watch will make a novel Father’s Day gift.

Mens Rotary Windsor Watch

The Adventure Dad

To commemorate all the camping trips, the hiking milestones, the road trips and the endless adventures spent with your dad, a Polar Grit X Outdoor Multisport Smartwatch is a great way to say ‘happy father’s day’. Equipped with Gorilla Glass, an HR monitor, GPS and Sleep Tracking, this Polar smartwatch is befitting of an adventure seeker.

Polar Grit  X Outdoor Multisport Smartwatch

The Hero Dad

It goes without saying that your dad was your very first hero before you even knew Superman existed. Get your super hero dad a statement watch from Hugo BOSS. For the man who did it all in a day’s work, the Hugo Boss Hero Chronograph Watch is a novel fit. Just like the man who’ll wear it, this markedly masculine model confidently combines resolute ruggedness with sophisticated style.

Boss Hero Sport Lux Watch

The Coach Dad

He’s your biggest fan, your toughest critic and the best coach a kid could ever ask for. Give him the recognition he deserves with the reliable and stylish Casio Stopwatch. Set around a high-visibility LCD display, this piece comes with a Casio presentation box.

Casio 'Stopwatch' Black and LCD Plastic/Resin Quartz Chronograph Watch

Whether your dad is into sports, fashion, tech or DIY, we’ve got a watch to suit every kind of fancy. With key features and novel extras, these mens timepieces are bound to create a lasting impression on him.

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