Watch Guru: Two-Tone Watches - Retro is Back

Watch Guru: Two-Tone Watches - Retro is Back

When it comes to the world of affordable watches, Wristwatch Review UK tries to cover the brands the other blogs don’t. Here are some insights from Mike Richmond into what to watch out for when choosing a timepiece.

Mixing two different coloured metals on one watch can be an instant turn off for some, but it’s a fun and retro design choice that's back in style. This guide on two tone watches provides some fashion history, outlines bestelling two tone watches from popular brands, and how to wear them.

History of Two Toned Watches

Before I tell you how to wear two tone watches, it’s worth a brief history lesson. Two tone watches go back to the start of the last century – with them really coming into fashion in the 1920s as the Art Deco style became popular. Probably the best-known maker of the 2 tone watch is Rolex, whose Prince watches were amongst the first to mix gold and steel.

By the 1930s, Vacheron Constantin had taken the idea one step further and began to be more creative with their case designs to make the most of materials such as rose gold to pick out the details in their upmarket models. From there, the bi-metal style came in and out of fashion until the 1980s when it went straight into the mainstream. The classic “Yuppie” look was not complete without a two-tone Rolex DateJust or “Bluesy” Submariner hanging from the wrist – but times have moved on from the decade that fashion forgot, and the bimetal look is back with a bang for the 2020s.

Rose Gold & Silver Watches

Rose gold has had a renaissance of late - proving particularly popular with women’s watches. Tommy Hilfiger’s Liberty Watch again goes for a subtle effect, with bands of gold running around the comfortable mesh bracelet and the watch head fully encased in a gold-coloured finish alongside matching hands, crown and markers. Minimalism is the name of the game here, with the watch being slim enough to slip under a sleeve; yet classy enough to be worn as the centrepiece of an outfit if you prefer. Just don’t tell the admiring crowds that this watch only costs around £100!

 Tommy Hilfiger Watch 1782221

Black & Gold/Silver Watches

For a more modern effect, why not try a more unusual combination of black and gold? Unlike the traditional gold and steel effect, the Bering Ceramic Watch 10725-742 instead uses a black ceramic finish on its centre links and bezel. This gives it a really bold look that belies its price point of less than £200. Ceramic is hard-wearing, scratch-resistant and has a sheen that presents a striking contrast to the stainless steel of the case. A quartz movement means minimal maintenance will be required over the timepiece’s lifetime. The hour markers are picked out against the black mother of pearl by using gemstones which will ensure the watch sparkles as it catches the light.

Ladies Bering Ceramic Watch 10725-742

If you think of a two-tone watch as being something only your grandparents would wear, then think again: modern two tone watches are classy, stylish and cost little more than their all-steel equivalents. Now that two tone watches are in the mainstream, there is more choice than ever before of these two-coloured timepieces.

Mixing two materials on a case and bracelet is a quick way to a classy looking timepiece, and I can only imagine that the look will become even more popular as manufacturers begin to explore alternative materials and styles. So, why not get ahead of the game and pick up a two-tone watch for your collection?