Top 5 Garmin Smart Watches for Black Friday 2021

Top 5 Garmin Smart Watches for Black Friday 2021

You've probably been stuck at home during lockdown - or on the frontlines, making sure there's always someone in the office - so you deserve a little treat. How about getting yourself a gorgeous new piece of smart watch technology that will help you with everyday life? We've put together a list of the five fantastic Garmin watches to pick up this Black Friday 2021. Go on, you deserve it

Garmin Unisex Tactix Delta Solar Powered Bluetooth Smart Watch

Not only has the Garmin Tactix Delta Bluetooth Smart Watch (RRP £999.99) been tested to U.S. military standard, it also allows you to keep track of your fitness long-term. Its features also include a countdown timer, stopwatch and alarm so you are always ready for anything. This watch is ideal for everyday use as it comes with Garmin Pay and smart notifications and just when you think it cannot get any better; you can listen to your favourite tunes. Don't miss out on this year's Black Friday sale and get yourself this smart watch.
Unisex Garmin Tactix Delta Solar Powered Bluetooth Smartwatch 010-02357-11

Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar Smart Watch

3 words...Solar-powered, Garmin Pay and TOPO maps. These are what comes with the Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar Smart Watch (RRP £999.99). So why not splurge on this during our Black Friday watch sales? If that was not convincing enough, the Fenix 6X Pro helps you with your pacing strategy with the PacePro feature as well as allowing you to stream music all whilst enjoying a good workout. Push your limits with this strategically designed smart watch for as long as your body can take you; I mean it does come with an extended battery life.
Garmin fenix 6X Pro Solar Smartwatch 010-02157-24

Garmin Venu 2 Smart Watch

Let's talk about advanced technology because that is exactly what Garmin Venu 2 (RRP £349.99) is giving. To help you understand your body, even more, its main feature is an advanced health and fitness monitoring which is perfect for active folks! Did you know you can also download up to 650 songs to your watch? So your workouts can be extra exciting. The Venu 2 is an all-around smart watch with a bright AMOLED display which is why we had to add it to the list this Black Friday!
Garmin Venu 2 Smartwatch 010-02430-11

Garmin Unisex Instinct Solar Surf Edition Smart Watch

It's time to up your surfing game and what better way to do it than buying the Garmin Instinct Solar Surf Edition Bluetooth Smart Watch (RRP £59.99). This watch comes with a beautiful robust design and features that help track our activities, monitor body energy even help you understand wellness and health. The Instinct also includes a solar battery, a fibre-reinforced polymer bezel, a mono sunlight-visible display, and surfline session connectivity, so you can record and replay your surf session this Black Friday. Cowabunga!
Unisex Garmin Instinct Solar Surf Edition Solar Powered Bluetooth Smartwatch 010-02293-07

Garmin Vivomove Hybrid Style Smart Watch

We had to remind you all about the Garmin Vivo Style Rose Gold watch (RRP £299.99)...why? Well, its simple yet elegant chronograph design makes it hard to believe it's a smart watch. This watch is perfectly designed as its amazing features include GPS tracking, water-resistant and many more. And did we mention that the watch hands dynamically move in coordination with the display? So go grab your very own unisex style hybrid watch this Black Friday sale!
Garmin Vivomove Style Hybrid Watch Rose Gold 010-02240-02
These aren't the only Garmin smart watches we have available, in fact, we have a massive catalogue with timepieces that will meet your every need. If Garmin is not your choice of the brand; not to worry...we have other smart watches for you. You can view the entire range of Black Friday deals here.