Top 3 SwatchPAY! Watches | Watch Guru

Top 3 SwatchPAY! Watches | Watch Guru

What is SwatchPAY!?

What do you do if you love the idea of having contactless payments on your wrist, but don’t want to wear a smart watch? Swatch may have the answer for you - with their recently released SwatchPay models. Read more about SwatchPAY! here.

How SwatchPAY! works

Each swatch pay model has a passive NFC chip embedded into the watch case, exactly like the ones in your bank card. This means it doesn’t require a battery, unlike a smart watch, so it’s ready to go at all times.

Set up a SwatchPAY! watch

So how do you set it up?

Install SwatchPay app and create an account. If you live in the UK, you also need to setup a Curve account. Once done, you can add your new Curve card details into the SwatchPay app. Then, you hook up the card to the watch by activating it via NFC - simply touch the watch to the phone when prompted. Read more about SwatchPAY! set up here.

Once that flow is complete, you can use your SwatchPay as a contactless card. Now, let’s check out some watches!

Honest Review

GreenPays Pay! SwatchPAY! watch

Personally, I love this GreenPays Pay! Really lightweight and comfortable, whilst looking bold with plenty of wrist presence. It also has a chronograph function making it very practical indeed. The green highlight supplement the black really well - and these green bits are even glow in the dark, so it’s super cool to wear at night time.

Turquiose Pay! SwatchPAY! watch

Keeping with the green theme, this Turquoise Pay! is equally deceptively comfortable and easy to wear. I love the transparency of the dial and case, to allow the movement to be seen. Even though it’s a fairly straightforward quartz, I still love seeing all the intricate details of a movement.

Blackback Pay! SwatchPAY! watch

Finally, for a slightly more classic option - the Blackback Pay! pays tribute to the traditional Swatch style. Simple, minimal, it goes with anything - also with a tremendously slender height of less than 10mm, this is a great choice for a ridiculous price.

Final Thoughts...

So there we have it - I personally think SwatchPay is a great release by the Swiss brand - allowing traditional watch lovers access to a vital feature of a smart watch - contactless payments.

Make sure you check out now to see dozens on SwatchPay watches.

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