Top 3 dress watches | Jasper Conran, Cerutti 1881, Bering and Locksley London

Top 3 dress watches | Jasper Conran, Cerutti 1881, Bering and Locksley London

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Dress watches for you!

If you’re an avid party-goer and love to dress up, then boy have we got the perfect video for you. I’ve selected 4 watches from the thousands of items of stock here at watch shop which are guaranteed to stand out.

For a dress watch, we’re looking for a few things in particular. Firstly, it needs to be elegant and classy. You certainly don’t want a brash, battered G-Shock donning your wrist with a suit. Next, it needs to be slim - so it’ll slip easily under cuffs and sleeves. Finally, traditionally it shouldn’t be too large in diameter - again, so your watch maintains your sophisticated and refined look and isn’t too overbearing.

Ready? Let’s check out my picks!

Cerruti 1881 Stainless Steel Dervio Watch

First up is this new arrival from Cerruti 1881. It’s a fantastic looking watch and is a perfect dress watch. The full calendar subdials and day/night indicators are supremely classy, plus the raised box crystal bringing in a vintage vibe. The highly polished elements on the dial really pop against the smoky backdrop and it really looks the part with a suit

Jasper Conran Ladies Watch

Our next pick is this Jasper Conran, with a graceful light blue dial. The detailing on this watch is quite lovely, with a stepped bezel, pitched hour markers, and thick date window border. They all work together so well to create a dazzling impression on the wrist.

Locksley London Skeleton Automatic Watch

Finally, you can’t go wrong with a skeleton watch at a party. This offering by Locksley London ticks all the right boxes, plus it has its mechanical movement right there for all to see. The sizing is spot on, and the handset and Roman numerals are a very sophisticated design cue.

There we have my 3 picks to make you stand out at a party. Which one would I wear, I hear you ask? Whilst I’m usually a massive sucker for a skeleton watch - I love seeing the movement ticking away, I’ve got to say the Cerruti 1881 has really impressed me and hits the mark as a dress watch perfectly.

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