The 5 Most Bought Casio Watches of 2021 | Watch Guru

The 5 Most Bought Casio Watches of 2021 | Watch Guru

Lets see the watches...

Here at WatchShop, they sell tens of thousands of watches - so we thought it would be fun to get the reports out for 2021, and find out the most sold Casio watches. What makes these 5 so special? Why do you customers love them so much? Let’s find out!

Casio Chronograph Classic

First up is one of the greatest Casios ever created. The F-91W . But not only that, this one is blue. Remaining unchanged since 1991, the F-91W now boasts a splash of colour to enhance the retro vibe.

It’s lightweight, and so comfy, and does everything you need - for such a cheap price. You can wear it all day easy-peasy and you don’t even notice it on. Plus if you damage it, it’s cheap to replace.

Casio Chronograph Retro

Still with the retro vibe, but swapping blue resin for stainless steel, is the A168. With all the super characteristics of the F-91W, but a classier exterior, it’s a more upmarket option. The black display compliments the steel case and bracelet really well, and it looks and wears superb for the price as expected.

Casio Collection Retro Calculator

Of course, it’s no surprise that there’s a calculator watch in the most bought Casios in 2021. The A168 is jam packed with features, boasting a 8-digit calculator, alarm, dual time mode, 1/100th sec stopwatch and an auto calendar - all for a tidy sum. And just look at it - such cool retro vibes that are all the rage at the moment. No wonder it’s one of the most purchased from 2021!

Casio Edifice

A more pricey piece next - the Edifice ECB-900DB. But as is always the case, this Casio offers a hell of a lot of watch for the money. It’s solar powered, so no concerns with having to replace the battery, has bluetooth connectivity providing you with some cool additional functions, world time, stopwatch, and overall excellent chunky build quality.

Casio G-Shock CasiOAK

Finally, we have one of the greatest Casio watches released recently: the EGA-2100, commonly known as the CasiOak. It’s not just a normal full black CasiOak that’s made its way into the most sold of 2021, but the Virtual Blue series. With turquoise, pink and purple flashes of colour, it brings an 80's theme to an otherwise inconspicuous watch.

There we have it, 5 of the most sold Casio watches from last year. What do you think? Don’t forget these are all available to buy now!

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