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G-SHOCK CasiOAK Watch Review | Watch Guru

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Introduction to the GA-2100

If you asked a watch enthusiast what his thoughts were on the Casio GA-2100, his response might be one of desperation and confusion as he desperately tries to think which watch that could be in Casio’s lineup of literally hundreds, if not thousands or models.

Ask a watch enthusiast what his thoughts are on the CasiOak, and watch him burst into life as he explains how it’s one of the finest Ana-digi watches of modern times.

Why is it called the 'CasiOAK?

Why CasiOak, and how did that nickname come to be? It was invented by a member of the official Facebook group of Scottish Watches, one of the leading watch-themed podcasts, and it plays on the resemblance the watch has with an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, one of the most coveted divers available, due to its octagonal shaped case. Not a bad link to have for the Casio, considering it costs £20-25k less.

Released in 2019, it exploded onto the scene in a way I’ve never seen before for a digital watch. They became an immediate cult classic, selling out everywhere. Why so much love for the CasiOak? Let’s find out.

The most obvious thing going for it is that it’s one of the cheapest G-Shocks available. G-Shock is a household name, synonymous with indestructible watches.

Stand out features

At the centre of every G-Shock is their carbon core guard technology - where the movement within the case is suspended in a protective cage, making it tremendously shock resistant.

The Ana-digi style is extremely slick, the small screen between 4 and 5 Oclock providing additional information to the standard analogue hands. The screen is backlit too, and the CasiOak features a tiny LED between the hour markers at 4 and 5, which actually does a good enough job to light up the dial in the dark, contrary to what many say about it.

Great Wearability

G-Shocks tend to be big and brash, but this is where the CasiOak differed so much to the rest. It’s so much more wearable, no doubt a massive contributing factor to its success. The minuscule weight of 51g means you barely notice it on, and whilst the diameter of 45.4mm sounds a lot, it’s not really for a G-Shock, making this one of Casio’s smallest and easiest to wear models.

The high-strength resin is durable but very soft on the wrist. Again, making it a joy to wear; I could literally have it on all day long and not even notice it. In addition to the rugged, hard-wearing construction, it’s backed by a two-year guarantee.

Great Design

The design is smouldering, dark and blacked-out, but it’s still extremely legible due to the bright, bold hands and awesome hour markers providing lovely depth too. I really like how the words are accurately and deeply engraved out of the top of the bezel, contributing to the depth and texture.


Clear where they’ve cut corners. The buckle is the same boring plain offering as all the other Casio’s out there, the pushers are also disappointingly plain. They’re functional, but not particularly nice to use, with minimal feedback.

But they’re two very minor niggles on an otherwise delightful watch. Compact, affordable, awesome looking, and seriously rugged; no wonder it’s such a hit.

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