Best Summer Holiday Watches for Under £100  | Watch Guru

Best Summer Holiday Watches for Under £100 | Watch Guru

So with sunny day’s finding their way into our lives, it seems like the past two years are seeming like a distant memory, a long overdue light at the end of the tunnel and I don’t know about you guys but to me these sunshine filled days with blue skies is a welcome change.

Is the change in the weather, the move away from spring into summer making you feel like you need an overdue break, maybe a spa weekend, or a jumbo jet to a far away destination. Are you suitcase shopping and dusting off your passport and eager to top up those tans, if you are you’re going to need that holiday essential, a new watch of course!

Now I'm not wanting to take hundreds of pounds from your holiday so I’m bringing you 3 watches that for under £100 each prove you can have the perfect accessory that needn't break the bank.

Timex X Peanuts “Take Care”


My first choice is the Peanuts X Timex collaboration, the collaboration to inspire us the human race to go green, love our planet and TAKE CARE.

This watch is not built for rugged expeditions, but to remind you and Timex’s words “pause, and appreciate ourselves , those around us and the place we call home”. This message, powerful in its meaning tell’s us to love the planet but also reminds us that no matter where we are be it Wakiki or Weston Super Mare, appreciate the beauty in where you are. 

The watch itself comes in a funky green cardboard box, emblazoned with Peanuts artwork featuring characters like Snoopy, Woodstock and Charlie Brown and inspirational and uplifting messages like “Plant a tree today”, “Respect our resources” and “Stop and smell the roses”

With the hustle and bustle and especially the turmoil and upsetting times of the past two years that last quote rings so true and it’s lovely how Peanuts along with Timex have in essence promoted a way to help with not only the planet but also our mental health, a lot of thought has gone into these watch releases.

The watch itself is a stunner, with its chrome finish and cream dial along with the brown strap. First impressions for me is that one of the outdoors, the colour tones of the green and brown remind me of the forest or woodlands. Is that the type of holiday you would like? one in a log cabin, miles away from civilization, then this is the watch that fits that mood. 

The message on the dial says “Love The Land”, again this harks back to what I said earlier, appreciate where you are, and we also see a cute little illustration of Snoopy and Woodstock sat on earth and underneath the words “Take Care”

Timex have been an official partner for many years with Peanuts and have made some fun and funky designs throughout the years. Peanuts obviously have full confidence that Timex can make a watch that matches their vision, being an established watchmaker Timex certainly knows what they are doing. 


This affordable offering from Timex has many useful features like their Indiglo feature, a handy push button illumination where when the onion shaped crown is pushed the dial lights up. 

The case size is 40mm this is the perfect size for wrists of all sizes, and comes with a 50m water resistance, not one for a deep sea dive but a splash in the river is fine, so if its getting hot out there then you don't need to second guess before you “CANONBAAAALLLLLLL”

When we look at this strap, though beautiful, it is not any ordinary strap. One made from Ecco® DriTan© a leather from Ecco with water efficiency at its core. Launched in 2018 at the Tokyo World Water Congress the vision behind this tanning process is to use the moisture that is present in the hide saving 250,000,000 litres of water from their tannery based in the Netherlands. This amplifies the message from Timex and Peanuts that we need to love our land because that saving alone is enough to keep nearly 10,000 people hydrated for 365 days, that's right a whole year!

So wherever you get to your destination, take a deep breath, exhale, love yourself and TAKE CARE. For more styles, you can browse the full range of ladies & men’s Timex watches.
Mens Timex Snoopy Take Care Watch

Casio G Shock GBD-800-8ER


I have chosen the Casio G Shock GBD-800-8ER as the G Shock you need on your holiday, why? Because of its famous rugged properties and because of its fitness functions, because let’s be honest if you like to keep fit there are no days off!

If you live by the motto of SLEEP, TRAIN, REPEAT, taking a break or going on holiday might make you break out in a sweat and not one that comes with doing burpees, but the whole idea of going on holiday is to let loose a little, you know, some me time, some place where you don’t have to do an extra lunge, do an extra 5 minutes on the rower, it's a place and a time where you can relax and let go. But by adding this Casio to your holiday essentials you can at least track your steps and not completely press the stop button on your fitness goals. 

The Casio G Shock GBD-800-8ER can be thrown at the bottom of your suitcase or day bag and still remain undamaged because of its pure ruggedness. Because of the added protection this watch has, you can see why G Shocks have their cult like following. 

But you don’t have to be a G Shock collector or aficionado to appreciate and respect the technology that is packed into their watches, from their materials to their inner workings taking the Casio G Shock GBD-800-8ER is going to make life just that little bit easier and you’re going to be glad you did.

If you’re travelling to a different timezone and want to stay in contact with mom or pops don’t be worried about making midnight phone calls because this watch has dual time zones.

Once you’ve checked in with mom and pops it's then time for a dip in the hotel pool, and with its ISO 200 metre water resistance rating the GBD-800-8ER is more than capable of joining you. If you fancy something more adventurous like diving or water sports then this watch can still join you, dude where's my jetski!

As you would expect from a casio timepiece the features dont stop at dual time zones and step tracker, this watch also offers you a stopwatch and countdown timer, but one handy feature is the option to set an alarm, well in fact the option to set five alarms, for me thats my morning alarm and 4 snoozes, whos with me?

With its luminescent green and black resin design, like most G Shocks this ain't for the faint hearted, but not to worry the proportions of this watch are great just in case you’re fearful that this might overpower your wrist. The case size is 48mm which on paper sounds humongous but for a G Shock believe me that's subtle.


One feature you might like is the bluetooth functionality, you can link this watch to your smartphone via the app and set up and see all your timing history, but because of its bluetooth capabilities it can do more than that, for me the best feature of this watch is the ability to find your phone, with one press of a button your watch you activate an audible alarm from your phone, how cool is that? Now speaking of lost phones, where did I put mine?

Panic over, I found it, now where was I, oh yes the feature packed GBD-800-8ER, remember what this blog is about, Summer holiday watches for under £100, I think you’ll agree you get a lot here for your money, especially the activity tracker, now give me one more push up!

Browse the full range of casio’s watches for men.

Mens Casio G-Shock G-Squad Bluetooth Step Tracker Watch GBD-800-8ER

Timex TW2R26300


And for our final summer holiday timepiece we go back to Timex, a brand well respected in the price bracket that we have been looking at today for watches under £100.

The Timex TW2R26300 also known as the Timex Weekender Fairfield is a simple yet stunning quartz watch that has a timeless design. A simple three handed watch may not set many pulses racing, but sometimes it’s that simplicity that just speaks for itself. 

The Weekender Fairfield can be the watch for any holiday destination and for any occasion, so whether you’re attending your friend's wedding on a Cuban beach, or taking the wife to Venice for the weekend, this watch just fits it all. 

From polo shirt and shorts, to a suit, this watch would accompany any outfit, the ideal watch for any outfit and any occasion. If you’re wanting to drink sangrias in the sun then make sure this watch is packed along with your sunnies and passport.


The Timex Weekender comes in with a case diameter of 41mm, the large white dial makes timetelling a breeze, especially after one to many sangrias. As the night draw’s in, legibility is not compromised and that is down to Timex adding their indiglo feature to the watch. An easy to use backlight that activates with just a push of the crown. 

One place we don’t recommend to wear this watch and that's in the pool or jacuzzi,  so just another reason to be at the bar with yet another sangria (what? I like sangrias!!)

Added to the watch is a plain black leather strap, nothing fancy and fluffy here, just a strap upto the job, after all this watch is designed to be AN accessory not THE accessory, that is because you can match this with other black classy summer essentials, like black loafers or deck shoes.

Mens Timex Weekender Fairfield Watch

Round up


So those are my three choices for the perfect summer holiday watch for under £100. We constantly hear about the rising costs of this and that, but Watchshop has a bunch of affordable timepieces and hopefully I have helped by choosing three watches that don't break the bank.

One watch to remind ourselves just love where we are and who we are, also a watch to keep your fitness goals on target whilst you’re away and my third choice being a watch that fits any holiday and any occasion.

Wherever your headed this summer I hope you guys really enjoy yourselves, soak up the sun, raise a glass and let loose.

Until next time…….

Troy “The bald watch collector”

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Troy Clements

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Living by the moniker of I'm an enthusiast and not an expert, Troy who is The Bald Watch Collector is a collector and enthusiast of watches and is on the journey to get hands on with the good, the bad and the ugly within the watch world.

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