Best Casio Watches - Our Ultimate Top 5 List | Watch Guru

Best Casio Watches - Our Ultimate Top 5 List | Watch Guru

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Without a shadow of a doubt, Casio are one of the most popular brands stocked by WatchShop. Not only that, they’re one of the most popular brands in the world!

In this blog, I’ve handpicked 5 epic Casios which you should definitely have on your wish list.

Casio Classic F91-W

First up, the classic F-91W. Remaining unchanged since 1991, this timeless watch is lightweight, so comfy, and does everything you need - for such a cheap price. You can wear it all day easy-peasy and you don’t even notice it on. Plus if you damage it, it’s cheap to replace. I have one, and it’s perfect for going to the gym (on the rare occasion that I go), walking the dog, and DIY or manual work.

G-SHOCK GA-2100 / CasiOAK

Next, one of the finest Ana-digi watches of modern times. The GA-2100 is commonly known as the “Casioak” amongst watch enthusiasts due to it resembling an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak thanks to the octagonal case. G-Shock is a household name, synonymous with indestructible watches, and this is one of the cheapest G-Shocks available. The styling is slick, and it’s deceptively easy to wear despite its size. Compact, affordable, awesome looking, and seriously rugged; no wonder it’s such a hit.

Casio Calculator CA-53W

Casio number 3 is a watch that has been on the wrist of many a school student. The CA-53W was introduced in 1988 and has featured in Back to the future 2 and 3, Big bang theory, Breaking bad, IT Crowd, Stranger things, even Mr Bean amongst other things. It’s another superb cult classic by Casio, with everything you need for the F-91W as well as a calculator. With a ridiculous weight of a mere 24g, it’s so easy to wear - you forget it’s on. Plus, the retro aesthetic is very popular right now.

G-SHOCK Mudmaster GG-B100

Our fourth pick is a beast of a Casio. The GG-B100 is part of the mudmaster series, which are designed to withstand the harshest land environments. It has a carbon fibre bezel and these massively rugged oversized pushers and bezel guards result in a watch that is trusted by the Military of Defence. It also has bluetooth connectivity which can be used with your phone to track mission logs amongst other things. It also has a triple sensor and an accelerometer: the three sensors detect compass bearing, measure atmospheric pressure/altitude, and gauge temperature, while the accelerometer counts steps. I also love the detail and depth to the dial, plus the bright and bold orange accent.

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G-SHOCK Full Metal

Our final Casio is even more of a beast - whilst “indestructible” might be a bit over the top and technically impossible, the G-Shock Full Metal is one watch that would be able to give that label a run for its money. G-Shocks are notoriously hard-wearing, and that’s the plastic ones. This one is full-on stainless steel, and is built like a tank. On top of that, you have an impressive list of features, including solar powered, radio controlled setting, Bluetooth smart setting, as well as all the others that you’d come to expect.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it - my top 5 Casio picks everybody should consider. Ranging from under £20 to nearly £500, there’s something for everyone. Which one is my favourite I hear you ask? I am a long-standing fan of the GA-2100 or casioak, but there’s something about the GG-B100 Mudmaster that really appeals to me - due to it’s awesomely rugged design and feature set.

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